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large heavily built seabird with a long stout bill noted for its plunging dives for fish

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It was odd behaviour for a gannet, but every group has their individuals.
Connah's Quay nature reserve hosted 10 Spotted Redshanks and 16 Greenshanks, plus Arctic Terns, Gannets and Arctic Skua blown up the Dee estuary on north-westerly winds.
HMS Gannet Lieutenant Commander Charlie Fuller, who was on board one of the Sea Kings, said: "It's sad to be saying goodbye but there is also a huge sense of pride at a mission which has been completed well.
Populations of <Bthe seabird the gannet could face a much greater risk from offshore
SPO took the delivery of the Pacific Goldfinch and Pacific Gosling respectively in March and May this year, while it received the Pacific Gannet in last September.
IN THE BAG Rescuer gets gannet ready for return trip
4% decline over net income attributable to Gannet of USD104.
The gannet was treated with meloxicam (1 mg/kg SC; Metacam, Boehringer Ingleheim Vetmedica Inc, St Joseph, MO, USA) and recovered uneventfully.
Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team said it had been called to assist four climbers hit by an avalanche high on the mountain, along with a Royal Navy helicopter from HMS Gannet in Prestwick, Ayrshire.
With a two-metre wingspan, cruciform shape and holy white plumage, the gannet is our largest and most dramatic seabird.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-February 6, 2013-Technip awarded a contract for the Gannet field in the North Sea(C)1995-2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The photograph, taken from below the water's surface, was snapped by Dr Matt Doggett and is titled Gannet Jacuzzi.
Having worked previously at Gannet (Nursing World) and presented in many environments, Terri is excited to join Oklahoma Nurses for dinner as she delivers an entertaining session that demystifies the publishing process and explores the concept of publishing as a leadership competency.
An estimated 218 tonnes of oil has so far leaked from the pipe near the Gannet Alpha platform, about 112 miles east of Aberdeen.
Shell said on Friday that one of the wells at the Gannet oil field, 180km (112 miles) east of Aberdeen, had been closed but declined to say if output was reduced.