gangster's moll

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the girlfriend of a gangster

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Nathalie, whose alter-ego was variously a binge-drinking, heroin-addicted gangster's moll (not forgetting a dabble with prostitution), was clearly determined to have a more fun time off screen than on as she said goodbye to the soap.
Her four-year triumph in Bollywood is characterised by performance-oriented roles such as an alcoholic gangster's moll in the thriller Gangster and a celebrity schizophrenic in the romantic drama Woh Lamhe.
99)THE death in a prisoner of war camp and the repeat escape of former Nazi guard Jurgen to the home - and embrace - of glamorous gangster's moll Shemane, give Carl Webster his biggest investigation yet.
There's the heiress and her silly-ass English fiance, the young stockboker's clerk who wants to steal her away, the former evangelist turned night-club singer who is pursuing him, a comic gangster and a gangster's moll, plus (inexplicably) two Chinamen.
Playing the gangster's moll suits her down to the ground.
TERRORISTS are striking at the London Underground, rogue police are ripping off drug dealers and a gangster's moll wants her husband assassinated.
Who would think of looking for a gangster's moll in a 13th-century nunnery?
Like many actors blessed with exceptional cheek bones and low body-fat ratios, Stone has worked hard to be judged by her acting ability, seeking out such mettle-testing roles as a divine spirit in Albert Brooks' comedy ``The Muse,'' a plucky parent in the inspirational children's fantasy ``The Mighty'' (which she also executive produced) and, most memorably, a grasping gangster's moll in Martin Scorsese's violent Las Vegas melodrama ``Casino.
Julie Andrews, debonair and tuxedoed as Victoria in her Victor guise, dances a witty, sensual tango with Rachel York, who plays Norma Cassidy, the hilariously ditzy gangster's moll.
The rocker, who previously dated Laura Whitmore, has been spotted with the actress who plays gangster's moll Trish in the hit show.
Newcastle-based actress Lesley Saint John, who played gangster's moll Vikki in the series, was delighted with the documentary.
GANGSTER'S moll April Collins is to marry her rapist boyfriend, the Irish Sunday Mirror can reveal.
Other highlights of the 90-minute show included the filmic I To You, the tale of a gangster's moll, and the Emili Sande-penned Trouble, on which Leona played piano.
A GANGSTER'S moll who led a double life as a seaside landlady has been jailed.
First, for all her gangster's moll rage, Dia's just the dumb glam doll here.