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Head to the cinemas, gangsta rap and music history fans - but be warned, just don't sing the non-so-squeaky-clean lyrics too loudly in public
The first section of this essay examines the origins of and responses to gangsta rap.
A, Eazy-E, Mack 10, and Ice Cube, as well as crucial but lesser-known artists, including Mia X and Young Bleed, showcasing the diversity of sounds and styles within the now universally-known gangsta rap genre.
This is the era of dehumanizing reality TV, of gangsta rap, of public "Scarface" swear-alongs; an age in which an insulting, God-trashing scold like George Carlin gets heralded as a comedic prophet.
Rap music has long been associated with gang culture, and the term Gangsta Rap was coined to reflect the way the music mirrored what was happening on the streets, with rappers performing and recording in rival gangs themselves.
ON searching for Croxteth on YouTube, the first video that appears, surprise, surprise, shows gangs of scallies with guns - with a gangsta rap soundtrack.
We have wrung our hands about the state of society, blaming everything from single parents to gangsta rap.
Nuthin' but a "G" Thang: The Culture and Commerce of Gangsta Rap.
Fair enough, it has turned him into an international mega-star, but the macho swagger and glorification of gangsta rap ideals are wearing thin.
MediaSentry, an investigator retained by the recording industry, had allegedly caught her collecting gangsta rap on her hard drive late one night using peer-to-peer file sharing software.
Sheridan - known for his movies about struggling white Irish people - is probably the last person anyone would expect to make a violent gangsta rap film set in the ghettos.
The staff was most definitely trippin' on the large gangsta rap presence, struggling to hide their uneasiness, yet still attempting to carry out their duties.
He was the embodiment of gangsta rap, was arrested in connection with a murder charge and the Daily Mail wanted him out of the UK on only his first visit here.
Compton, a district better renowned for gangsta rap than for farmer's markets, presents a unique challenge to healthy food advocates.
The book's best moments capture the awkward encounter between migrants and "natives," and the radically altered geographies that often result--for instance, a white DJ in Idaho who dramatically alters his playlist when his town is overrun by newcomers with a taste for "narcocorridos," the gangsta rap of the US-Mexican borderlands.