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English co-ordinator Laura Roberts said: "We had a lot of Harry Potters, quite a few Gangsta Grannies and there was also a group of boys who came as the character from David Walliams' The Boy in the Dress.
What Ben doesn't know is that Granny has a secret - and Friday nights are about to get more exciting than he could possibly imagine, as he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime with his very own Gangsta Granny
As well as being a best-selling novel, first published in 2011, Gangsta Granny has also already had an outing on the BBC in a star-studded one-off Christmas special.
Head to the cinemas, gangsta rap and music history fans - but be warned, just don't sing the non-so-squeaky-clean lyrics too loudly in public
After the success of last year's Mr Stink, say hello to Gangsta Granny.
This essay is about how Die Antwoord, a controversial yet increasingly popular White South African gangsta' rap-rave group, represents select Black American identity and appropriates gangsta rap.
Tom Jones is the original gangsta so one day I'll get him," says Dizzee, speaking about his forthcoming new album The Fifth, which features duets with Robbie Williams and Sean Kingston.
As a consequence, black artists who take as their genre the gangsta or "thug" life and its accompanying culture and values expose themselves to charges of opportunism and even of race treason.
Two decades on, has the proliferation of violent gangsta rap and heavy metal noticeably warped the generation that (like this writer) grew up unwrapping Dr.
A few months ago I was reading Benjamin Marra's Gangsta Rap Posse (Traditional Comics)--a comic book series about an N.
The high-definition projection of the gangsta rap icon has triggered a wave of social media debate.
Rihanna also tweeted snaps of grandfather Lionel - and one of Dolly in a gangsta rapper pose.
His latest book, Gangsta Granny, is a story of prejudice, acceptance, funny lists and silly words.