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Since we started giving away MP3 files on the Internet, a wealth of exciting opportunities have come our way," said Ken Smith, lead singer for the group Gangsta Bitch Barbie.
Head to the cinemas, gangsta rap and music history fans - but be warned, just don't sing the non-so-squeaky-clean lyrics too loudly in public
In 2012 Mr Stink was watched by seven million viewers, with a similar number tuning in last year to see Gangsta Granny.
The first section of this essay examines the origins of and responses to gangsta rap.
He mediates between the poles of what might be labeled the "middle-class uplift" position of appalled critics who view gangsta culture as a badge of racial servitude, and those observers who contend that depicting the "real" conditions of lower-class African American urban life exposes racial injustice and might even offer "revolutionary" inspiration.
The high-definition projection of the gangsta rap icon has triggered a wave of social media debate.
Rihanna also tweeted snaps of grandfather Lionel - and one of Dolly in a gangsta rapper pose.
His latest book, Gangsta Granny, is a story of prejudice, acceptance, funny lists and silly words.
Walliams has just published his latest kids' book, Gangsta Granny, but says the daytime show nearly scuppered it.
Taking a cue from the many gangster movies in B- town, he has named it Gangsta.
50 cent LG Arena, Birmingham GANGSTA rapper 50 Cent may have been lying low-key in recent times but he proved why he has done enough to keep his fans coming back for more year after year.
When he'd finally released Gangsta for Life: The Symphony of David Brooks in 2007, the album played like a collection of the previous year and a half's roughest but also biggest tunes.
The problem with the gangsta shit is it really promotes killing your own at any cost to get your money.