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a power saw that has several parallel blades making simultaneous cuts

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Sawmill D had one headrig, one resaw, and one gangsaw.
The real-time SPC system was displayed at the sampling stations, resaw, headrig, gangsaw, supervisor's office, saw-filing room, and management offices (Fig.
The headrig, resaw, gangsaw, and sampling stations had "view-only" PC monitors that were connected to the PC server.
The company recently purchased new equipment including a sander, short stock gangsaw with glue edge, panel saw and many conveyors.
Also, the negative yield impact of edgings is greater for narrow lumber when ripping first, especially when a fixed-arbor gangsaw is used.
According to Hazledine Machinery the K250 gangsaw automatically adjusts to "butt-fed" material of varying thicknesses and allows quick changeovers without stopping the machine to make a production adjustment.
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These assets, which include machinery such as computer-controlled gangsaws, edgers and debarkers, are subject to extreme wear and tear so they must be well maintained in order for the company to maximize equipment uptime, leading to added revenue.
Bandsaw Accessories, Bandsaws, Beveling Machines, Conveyors, Cutoff Saws, Feed Tables, Feeders, Gangsaws, Hoppers, Jointers/Planers, Moulders, Pallet Equipment, Planers/Moulders, Planers & Surfacers, Resaws, Rough Mill Equipment