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suffering from tissue death


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Clostridium perfringens a-toxin and NetB toxin antibodies and their possible role in protection against necrotic enteritis and gangrenous dermatitis in broiler chickens.
An outbreak of gangrenous dermatitis in commercial broiler chickens.
The study demonstrates that AGRASTIM[R] can safely and effectively replace antibiotics in the feed of turkeys that have been severely challenged by Clostridium septicum, the bacterium most commonly responsible for the condition known as gangrenous dermatitis or cellulitis.
The litter types evaluated were fresh wood shavings or used litter obtained from commercial poultry farms with or without a history of gangrenous dermatitis (GD).
In turkeys with the agent that causes gangrenous dermatitis (cellulitis), AGRASTIM[R] improved feed conversion and weight gain, and reduced mortality, compared to the standard industry treatment.