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The most frequent spontaneous site of the infectious gangrenes is in the perineum, but the extremities are the most common sites of involvement.
Edema occurs with the infectious gangrenes and results in clinical hypovolemia and occasional hypotension.
18) Tetanus prophylaxis with absorbed tetanus toxoid and passive immune coverage with tetanus hyperimmune globulin are indicated in the management of all high-risk wounds, because tetanus is an occasional complication of necrotizing lesions of any infectious gangrenes.
The broad categories within the latter group include necrotizing fasciitis, bacterial synergistic gangrene, and streptococcal gangrene.
3) Unfortunately, the literature regarding skin and soft tissue NIs is confusing, contains errors and misinterpreted data, and includes the use of nonstandard or outdated terms in historical articles such as hospital gangrene, Meleney's gangrene, suppurativa fasciitis, necrotizing erysipelas, and acute dermal gangrene.