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a temporary bridge for getting on and off a vessel at dockside

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I walked past him up the gangplank, and when I was halfway to the boat he demanded the ticket.
The collapsed gangplank is visible at the bottom of the dry dock; inset ,Master Ron Warwick
However it was claimed yesterday the Joy Of Ladram boat had no gangplank, and his wife said, 'It's not illegal to consume alcohol, and it's not illegal to be inebriated.
Later we staggered back on board, the lads putting me in the middle of about 20 sailors all going up the gangplank.
On Sunday the Ark will throw down her gangplank to the public between 10am and 4pm for tours of the ship and the aircraft in the hangar.
Despite help from two assistants, she tripped as she walked up the gangplank to the boat, which features in dramatic sea emergency scenes.
I was picked up in a car by the skipper who walked me up the gangplank on to the ship and off we sailed.
He was still screaming, "buy, buy" with my wife doubled up with laughter as I reached the gangplank and safety.
Peck knew FDR was crippled by poliomyelitis, but the extent of the president's paralysis shocked the actor as he saw the broad-shouldered leader carried like a baby off the ship and down the gangplank.
While Rafa himself confesses an ambition of one day returning to the Spanish capital, he refuses to entertain thoughts of leaving the European giants for the gangplank of Los Merengues so soon in his tenure.
When she found it she was told it was too late for her to board - despite the gangplank still being down.
A swap was organised when local shepherds saw how easily the ship's long-coated collies drove their half-wild sheep up the swaying gangplank.
A pounds 1,500 Cardiff County Council grant has been spent on upgrading the gangplank, allowing easier access for wheelchairs.
So it was a relief to all she was back to her own stylish self as she walked up the gangplank.
Black and white Jenny, who once fought off a fox which tried to board the ship, has not been seen since she slipped down the gangplank of the 11,000-ton cruiser moored near London's Tower Bridge.