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an encapsulated neural structure consisting of a collection of cell bodies or neurons

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Chapters begin with anatomy and physiology, then address many aspects of Parkinson's disease, including genetics, environmental factors, pathology, imaging, dementia, psychiatric issues, nonmotor aspects, and therapy, and the management of multiple system atrophy, progressive supranuclear palsy, corticobasal ganglionic degeneration, frontotemporal dementia, Huntington's disease, dystonia, and other movement disorders like tremors, restless legs syndrome, and psychogenic movement disorders.
Cerebellopontine angle (CPA) ganglionic hamartomas are rare.
Parkinson-plus diseases (eg, corticobasal ganglionic degeneration) do not respond to levodopa.
In addition to his work on Benadryl, Rieveschl investigated antihistaminic agents, antimalarials, antithyroid agents, analgetics, ganglionic blocking agents, local anesthetics, sympatholytic agents, and synthetic tanning agents.
12-16) But there appears to be no loss of vasoconstriction of the skin with ageing or diabetes, only a reduction in vasodilatation, (12,13) indicating that ganglionic failure is probably not a predominant cause of age-associated reductions in the skin blood flow response to global heating since ganglionic damage would certainly affect both vasoconstriction and vasodilatation.
1) In addition to the PVE, two other brain regions called the subventricular zone and the medial ganglionic eminence also contribute cells to the neocortex.
Dementia as the most common presentation of cortical-basal ganglionic degeneration.
diversifolia cultivated in Egypt were found to contain a high percentage of sesquiterpene lactones, which possess a ganglionic stimulant property, and induces lowering of blood sugar level in animals (Sayed et al.
79,80) Bromocriptine, a semisynthetic ergot alkaloid used to treat Parkinson disease and hyperprolactinemia, elevates blood pressure through vasoconstriction and sympathetic nervous stimulation at the ganglionic level.
These results also suggest that individual nerve fibers emerging from the ganglionic plexus are discretely distributed over the atria and that they can have quite selective localized effects.
Lumping and splitting the Parkinson plus syndromes: Dementia with Lewy bodies, multiple system atrophy, progressive supranuclear palsy, and cortical-basal ganglionic degeneration.
The actual diagnoses were 26 with Parkinson's disease, 5 with essential tremor, 1 with dystonia, 3 with Parkinson's disease with dementia, 2 with multiple system atrophy, 1 with Parkinson's disease/essential tremor, 1 with corticobasal ganglionic degeneration, 1 with progressive nuclear palsy, and 1 with myoclonus.
The other is a not generally recognized mechanism that appears to be distinct for NSPs and that involves their uptake by sensory nerve endings embedded in airway epithelia, followed by axonal translocation to ganglionic and CNS structures.
Some of those volunteers would also be given hexamethonium, a so-called ganglionic blocker that would prevent signals from returning to the lungs--and, if the theory was right, stop the airways from reopening.