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Loss of spiral ganglion neurons or hair cells in the inner ear is the leading cause of congenital and acquired hearing impairment.
Conduction velocity is related to morphological cell type in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons.
The animals' spiral ganglion neurons had been deliberately destroyed with a drug called ouabain, leaving them completely deaf.
2+]-induced Cab release from ryanodine receptors in rat spiral ganglion neurons.
Atrophy of spiral ganglion neurons causes 118TNE mice to have significant hearing deficits at high frequencies (16 and 32 kHz).
Using optic nerve and spinal cord tissues as in vivo models and dissociated retinal ganglion neurons as an in vitro model, De Silva and his colleagues are currently investigating how these magnetic nanoparticles can be incorporated into neurons and axons at the site of injury.