ganglion cell

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a nerve cell whose body is outside the central nervous system


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12] However, reports of earlier studies about the differences in the number of ganglion cells and thickness of longitudinal layer in the colon and rectum are not consistent.
Structure-function relationship and diagnostic value of macular ganglion cell complex measurement using Fourier-domain OCT in glaucoma.
The mean and sectoral (superior, inferior, superonasal, superotemporal, inferonasal, inferotemporal) GCIPL thicknesses were measured within the oval ring around the fovea using the macular cube 512x128 protocol with ganglion cell analysis software.
In animals, the ganglion cells of ganglioneuroma and ganglioneuroblastoma are strongly immunoreactive for neurofilament (KOESTNER & HIGGINS, 2002).
The most consistent and widely reported aspect of the ERG that changes early in DR using animal models and patients is the oscillatory potential implicit time which reflects electrophysiological communication between the amacrine cells and the bipolar cells with interactions from ganglion cells to amacrine cells.
Number and size of spinal ganglion cells and dorsal root fibres in the white rat at different ages.
Ganglion cells show large vesicular nuclei with prominent nucleoli and abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm.
This ganglion cell network regulates various functions in the mature intestine.
A resting membrane potential was detected following insertion of the glass microelectrode into the ganglion cell.
The main differentiation criterion for neurological tumours was histopathological existence of mature ganglion cell.
A third, much rarer type of photoreceptor, the intrinsically photosensitive ganglion cell, is important for reflexive responses to bright daylight.
Until now, TFF2 was found in the ganglion cell layer of murine retina, which is of neural origin [21], whereas regarding TFF3, mouse brain shows significant expression of this peptide in hippocampus, temporal cortex and cerebellum [18].
Tissue engineering the retinal ganglion cell nerve fiber layer.