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an encapsulated neural structure consisting of a collection of cell bodies or neurons

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A lack of success, coupled with potential side effects such as joint damage risk via sheath connections amongst the ganglia and tendon or joint capsules has led to a general abandonment of such injections.
Intra-articular cysts and ganglia of the knee: a report of nine patients.
Keywords: Basal ganglia circuit, spiking neural network, mass model, dopamine.
It has been reported that peroneal intraneural ganglia originate from the superior tibiofibular joint and that the articular branch serves as a conduit for the cyst fluid to pass from a capsular defect in the joint.
Historically, Brooks described three cases of peroneal nerve compression due to ganglia in 1952.
The center of the ganglia was occupied by nerve fiber bundles.
Neurological symptoms can occur in absence of hepatic symptoms and signs and typical sites of involvement are basal ganglia and central white matter2.
Anterior cruciate ligament ganglia and mucoid degeneration: coexistence and clinical correlation.
Non-contrast head computed tomography (CT) showed large areas of bilateral calcification within the basal ganglia, cerebellum, and subcortical white matter (Figure 1).
MRS is widely used to monitor brain areas including the basal ganglia, substantia nigra, temporoparietal cortex, prefrontal cortex, posterior cingulated cortex, pontine basis, and occipital lobe [13-15] and as a diagnostic tool for differentiating PD from other neurodegenerative diseases [16].
The syndrome of acute bilateral basal ganglia lesions is an illness which has been rarely reported so far.
For this purpose 12 cervicothoracic ganglia obtained from the right and left sides of 6 mature roe deer weighing 18-25 kg of both sexes were investigated.
The superior cervical ganglion, the largest of the three ganglia, is spindle shaped, measures 2-5 cm long and is usually located across the first vertebra and is associated with the 4 superior cervical vertebrae.
2,3) Attachment to tendon sheaths or intraosseus ganglia are uncommon.
There have been many studies using antibodies to show different neurotransmitters in the central ganglia of terrestrial pulmonates, but not in the foot.