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A YOUNG Briton has died after being shot at point-blank range in a gangland hit outside his villa on Spain's Costa del Sol early yesterday.
The attack has been linked to the murder of gangland "Mr Big" Paul Massey, 55, in Salford, in July.
They are petrified they will join the death toll as old scores going back years are settled between warring gangland factions.
Both of them were involved in the Melbourne gangland killings.
With more suspense than you could shake a loaded gun at, gangland thriller The Iceman proved a hit at the Venice Film Festival.
Mr Power denied this, saying: "The plea involves him accepting he was involved in a group attack, but that does not mean it was gangland retribution.
In the revealing letters - comprising 23,000 words - passed to the Record, Glaswegian Brady boasts of his links to gangland figures, including Thomson.
ENEMIES John Henry Sayers says gangland rival Paddy Conroy, left, was behind a plot to put him behind bars
The film tells the story of gangster Mark Clayton, who after a gangland shooting is hiding out in the home of his solicitor and reminisces about his life as a criminal.
THREE years after the debacle of Revolver, writerdirector (or Mr Madonna as he is unkindly referred to these days) Guy Ritchie returns to the mean streets of London, as captured in his iconic debut Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, for his latest gangland thriller.
The shooting is further evidence Ireland's growing gangland culture has spread across Europe to Spain.
Last night, police were on alert over possible reprisals after gangland sources described Francis as a leader of the feared Johnson Crew - and said his killer was from the same gang.
VICTIMS' groups and politicians last night branded the Home Office "shambolic" after a scandal involving a North gangland killer was the latest to rock the department.
A MAN was gunned down in a gangland killing - outside the cinema where Wayne Rooney shared his first date with Coleen McLoughlin.