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the foreman of a work gang

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There's the Silence in episodes one and two, the Siren in episode three, the Gangers in five and six.
I don't want to say more - there's the Silence, the Siren, the Gangers, all these are more than just freaky costumes and masks.
MORE than 300 gangers were to work over three days and nights relaying 4,000 yards of railway track in Standedge tunnel.
But then, just as Ludlow's about to have a fist to face chat with his old buddy, a pair of gangers burst into the store and riddle him with bullets.
The Victorian gilt metal mantel clock was presented to David Davies of Llandinam, by his gangers and friends from the Manchester to Milford Railway to mark the opening of the railway line to Aberystwyth in August, 1867.
A marked distinction was created to separate the salaried scientists and engineers (known as `panjandrums' or `Top Brass'), from the tradesmen, foremen, gangers, drivers, miners and labourers who were called upon literally to move the mountains and tame the rivers.
Others gathering at The Spotted Dog pub in Willesden, waiting for gangers to round them up to get digging on the fledgling M25.
The company has experienced foremen and gangers on every site and prides itself on only employing the finest technicians.