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a laborer in a railroad maintenance gang

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The Gandy Dancers and Work Songs from the American Railroad" is a beautiful edition exploring early history of America's railroads, as expressed in popular traditional songs by the original Gandy Dancers.
A skilled lead singer of a gandy dancers crew could sing all day long and not repeat a song.
Finally, readers and students of Gandy Dancers Songs are encouraged to make up their own poems, songs, or chants in the style of the Gandy Dancers.
This enriching practice continues with ten percent of all net profits from "The Gandy Dancers and Work Songs from the American Railroad" going to Friends of Writers, which supports students, alumni and faculty of Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers.
I told her they might be similar to what the gandy dancers on the railroads and the deckhands on the riverboats had once chanted during the nineteenth century.