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mature male goose

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The gander has a corkscrew-like appendage; the goose has none.
In a free-standing building on Central Avenue that formerly housed Duet, Ganders is a throwback to the steak-and-seafood restaurants of the Los Angeles I began writing about almost 40 years ago.
The only item missing at Ganders is lobster - probably because of its cost.
Probably the saving grace of all the entree fare at Ganders is its house specialty duckling dish ($13.
The gander drifted off a little from the sleeping forms of his mate and the five young geese, which had grown during the summer from soft little balls of olive yellow down into the lusty flight feathers of maturity, and made a low, querulous noise to himself.
This awareness always brought a last uncertainty, a protesting hesitation, for his 17 journeys had shown the gander death in the shapes of men and beasts and weather; he had seen many of his companions die.
Years later, here in Hardin County, two Toulouse ganders harboring similar evil suspicions lay in wait under the porch and suddenly flew straight up, aiming for my eyes and beating my face with their wings
I won't have Toulouse or Embden ganders again, but the long-necked, high-stepping and light-bodied Oriental breeds are gentler.