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Synonyms for gamy

suggestive of sexual impropriety

(used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

willing to face danger

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With France already having a regulation on nanomaterials and other EU countries now planning to do the same, selling products containing nanomaterials in the EU is going to become a nightmare," said Gamy.
Right, Caroline solo SUSPICION Shirlena singing Duffy hit Mercy BUM NOTE Gamy Nhengu performing Katrina & the Waves
It's a wild, gamy meat with a distinct grassy flavour, even after it's smoked, so it had been tempered with a salad dressing (I suspect it was Thousand Island), which should've been a wine lover's nightmare.
Meat from adult goats tastes gamy, which is why the flesh of younger goats, or "kids," is often preferred because it is milder, less gamy and more tender than adult goat meat.
This is an almost wine-like pairing, with the beer's acidity and bitterness providing cutting power while the fruit flavors provide a nice counterpoint to the duck's gamy richness.
Della Glazier and company, for instance, deals definitely its description to dim the air, or else augment her whom Chancellor and his preppy scribes don't mean to, nescafe notwithstanding, interpreting to dampen sense some pleasure, milieu, or spirit-- touting the secrecy of this gamy science.
This deliciously gamy, meltingly tender medallion of ostrich at MAXIMO'S probably comes from one of hundreds of ostrich ranches dotting the United States, but we like to imagine it's fresh from the savannahs of Africa, an image encouraged by the safari-like ambiance of this South African-flavored eatery.
It has bags of blackcurrant and black cherry fruit, but a smoky gamy smell too with vanilla, which explodes into a wonderfully soft, silky taste that feels bigger and more weighty than almost any other French wine I've tasted; pounds 7.
33, Gamy, repeatedly broke the ragged line in anticipating the 'off'.
The BBC simply made matters worse by hoisting up two distinctly gamy jurors to sit in judgement.
Similarly, gamy meat harbors a flavor of decay that renders it stronger and more pungent.
Although more traditional Cantonese chicken and fish dishes top the home-cooking menu, he said, he would still consider a civet stewed in bamboo shoots or mushrooms to bring out the gamy flavor.
Give us your tired, your poor, your gamy cross-trainers yearning to be ground to a pulp.
Unfortunately, although the GaMY virus is specific for plants, its 35S promoter is active in species across the living world, human cells included, as we discovered in the scientific literature dating back to 1989.
This large property excels with this deep wine, full of gamy, smoky, lush dark fruits, soft tannins, gutsy and peppery with layers of fruit.