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Synonyms for gamy

suggestive of sexual impropriety

(used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

willing to face danger

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Aliya Ashgar, who lives opposite the house, Gamy said: "It was terrible, I was so scared.
According to Gamy, the industry has great expectations for the FSVP proposed rule, and a more preventive approach to import produce safety would significantly reduce the frequency of product testing at the border, which can cause significant economic losses of perishable commodities.
The objective of the French decree is to ensure traceability of nanomaterials (and) greater transparency of information available to the public on nanomaterials," said Veronique Gamy, product stewardship director at the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), Brussels, the chemicals sector's main EU trade association.
The expedition endured the miseries of mosquitoes, the dangers of venomous snakes and reptiles and living off the likes of boiled monkey meat - it has a strong gamy flavour apparently and a sickening smell.
Il mentionne que << ses enfans par son ordre ont gamy cette eglise de vases d'argent pour les saints mysteres et des ornements et livres necessaires (29) >>.
A brave, gamy, undersized man who trudged about the front with a walking stick, Roosevelt helped hold the division together by personal charm," wrote Bradley.
I perceived death the way we had perceived movement in all our old walls of dwellings we'd rented, then owned, in old parts of old towns, and then later, the gamy funk of rotting bodies when mice, sick on poison, would slump and decay between embankments of plaster.
In the event those responsible for cooking and preparing the food are less than capable in doing so, and the hamburgers are over- or under-cooked, and the potato salad a bit too gamy, and your resulting upset stomach is further aggravated by a parade of insufferable relatives, bring a sufficient supply of Pepto-Bismol.
As per details the central procession at Lahore comprising hundred of thousands mourners was heading towards Karbala Gamy Shah, its culmination point, when a powerful explosion went off right in the middle of procession.
The Walla Walla Valley wine is gamy, earthy and animalistic, like a Northern Rhone wine.
to mark the death anniversary of Hazrat Ali near an Imambargha Gamy Shah in
Right, Caroline solo SUSPICION Shirlena singing Duffy hit Mercy BUM NOTE Gamy Nhengu performing Katrina & the Waves
It's a wild, gamy meat with a distinct grassy flavour, even after it's smoked, so it had been tempered with a salad dressing (I suspect it was Thousand Island), which should've been a wine lover's nightmare.
Because wintertime fishing for many species can be problematic in northeastern Oklahoma, he finds the freshwater drum a gamy and plentiful fish on which to hone deep-water fishing skills and equipment.