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a complete extent or range: "a face that expressed a gamut of emotions"

the entire scale of musical notes

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It is intended for spectrophotometric analysis which gives information for 2D and 3D gamut visualisations in perceptual colour space.
Key words: offset printing, digital printing, gamut, recycling, image analysis
Fisher and Sepahdari will again showcase their collections with Gamut at the upcoming Artexpo New York.
The stylised VP 50 Series ensures the widest tonal range and largest colour gamut, making the displays ideal for both creative and business professionals.
With three individual color chips, the device has a high color gamut, delivering more than 100 percent of NTSC on screen, depending on the LCD used.
Palmer's real estate career ran the gamut from land to industrial to office, and he personally represented some of the most prestigious corporate accounts in northern New Jersey, including Jaguar, Sharp, Grand Union and Cellular One.
Sony will be demonstrating extremely slim, approximately 3mm depth with 11inch and less than 10mm depth with 27inch (when thinnest part of the body is measured), next generation TV displays, with high contrast, wide color gamut, quick response time, incorporating OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology.
Musical dynamics give the movement its impetus, with elements that run the gamut from wicked humor to poignant drama.
This Is All ranges the gamut of experience, from early friendships and thoughts on classical literature to simple amusements, teenage love, and the heady pleasures of sex.
Language use spans the gamut from vulgar curses to ordinary conversation to intricate and complex ruminations.
Our reading and viewing selections on the following pages run the gamut from practical management ideas to simple intellectual curiosity.
The dishes run the gamut from familiar and comforting to sophisticated.
Together, they offer an experience in American literature that runs the gamut from soulful realism to comedic wit, political satire, and thoughtful social commentary.
Mizrahi will run the full lifestyle gamut, from beauty and style to pop culture, pets, diet, and love.
GAMUT is an 8-1 chance with Coral for next week's King George VI And Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes after significant support yesterday.