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a complete extent or range: "a face that expressed a gamut of emotions"

the entire scale of musical notes

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Values of gamut 1, 2 and 3 were gained from samples printed in the same printing machine but measured immediately after print or 1 and 7 days of exposure.
The differences in gamut volume [DELTA] V CIE L * a * b * CCU of calibrated standard offset prints and indirect electrophotography with liquid Indigo toner amounts below 2.
Other GF ink benefits include ultravibrant colors over a wide color gamut, expected print life of up to three years without lamination or need for special media, print life of up to five years with the application of Lyson Aqua Coat and environmentally safe formulation through the use of organic solvents.
Ladbrokes: 6-5 Doyen, 9-2 Vallee Enchantee, 11-2 Warrsan, 8-1 Gamut, Sulamani, 14-1 Bandari, 18-1 Phoenix Reach, Tycoon, 25-1 High Accolade, 33-1 Hard Buck, 250-1 Lunar Sovereign.
Gamut bids to give Stoute a fourth win in the race following the success of Shergar in 1981, Opera House in 1993 and Golan two years ago.
Ladbrokes: Evs Doyen, 6-1 Vallee Enchantee, 7-1 Gamut, Warrsan, 10-1 Papineau (with a run), 12-1 Bandari, Powerscourt, 25-1 Phoenix Reach, 33-1 bar.
In fact, the spirit of masturbation motivates and informs the entire gamut of sexual activities outside of marriage, and even infects conjugal acts that are undertaken with hostility to new life.
Champion jockey Kieren Fallon brought his two-week score to 16 from less than 40 rides when Gamut landed the Skybet Stakes.
McDavid not only manufactures braces and supports, it runs the gamut of athletic tape, thermal wraps, trainer's bags, and more.
These measurement intercomparisons among national metrology institutes (NMIs) and the NIST Display Metrology Project kick off the first phase of interactions aimed at reducing the variability of color gamut and other measurements used to characterize and specify performance of electronic displays.
In a scientific approach, Ropeik and Gray synthesize peer-reviewed data on a gamut of hazards, from cell-phone radiation to food poisoning, and tell what can be done to reduce associated risks.
Textures run the gamut from two-voice counterpoint to martellato alternating-hands virtuosity, from large chords and octaves to quietly flowing, lyrically melodic passages.
She says since then, she has run the gamut of medications.
The Lakers ran the gamut Tuesday in a first-half collapse against the Spurs, allowing a five-point first-quarter lead to slip away, then letting the Spurs race to a 21-point lead in the second quarter.
Vermont Soapworks natural, non-toxic line runs the gamut of personal and home care products.