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The application filed could be approved within few weeks and the Gammy will be then a legal Australian, as told by ABC news.
The 21-year-old said the twins' father rejected Gammy while taking his healthy sister home to Western Australia.
She told Fairfax Media the Australian father, who is in his 50s, "came to the hospital to take care of the girl but never looked Gammy in the face or carried him.
The last run gleefully molested the eyes with images of body horror that wouldn't look out of place in a David Cronenberg film, including a horrific gammy leg that's scorched on my retinas forever.
My reply will be "writhing around the floor in agony with a gammy left knee".
He spent his 80th birthday walking through the African bushveld, with his gammy leg and his cane, stepping over the droppings of wild elephants.
With its gammy knee and notorious bad luck, Kipp thought better of that.
I have got a bit of a gammy knee so I don't like to do any dancing.
I was carrying around this gammy knee for a few days.
Those who trip on pavement cracks because they were not looking where they were going somehow manage to drag their gammy legs along to the nearest solicitor's office.
The enhancements of audio are significant in this production, beginning with the rich, elderly voice of Gammy Singer inviting listeners to gather 'round to hear a tale that needs telling.
In ``The Shipping News,'' the newly widowed Quoyle moves to Newfoundland, the home of his ancestors, where he takes a job writing up car accidents and boat dockings for the local weekly newspaper, the Gammy Bird.
Colin Cursed with a a gammy hand Helen Brittas Gordon's long-suffering wife Gordon Brittas Carole Lived in reception
There's a free air guitar with every pint at this last-chance saloon where dodgy DVDs, gammy guts and good old-fashioned fisticuffs are the norm.