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The application filed could be approved within few weeks and the Gammy will be then a legal Australian, as told by ABC news.
David and Wendy Farnell caused outrage after a Thai surrogate mum claimed the pair took healthy twin sister Pipah but left Gammy after learning of his condition.
The 21-year-old said the twins' father rejected Gammy while taking his healthy sister home to Western Australia.
She claims the couple, who have not been identified, rejected the boy, named Gammy, because "they were too old to take care of twins" and returned to Australia with his healthy sister.
But when the surrogate mother refused to have an abortion, they left Gammy behind with all his supposed imperfections.
Gammy could whip up a meal to feed a crowd in minutes.
Doesn't matter that she has two gammy legs and lives 20 miles down the road which is, in turn, an hour's drive from work here in Cardiff.
The last run gleefully molested the eyes with images of body horror that wouldn't look out of place in a David Cronenberg film, including a horrific gammy leg that's scorched on my retinas forever.
Fresh on the flesh when you first get in," she said, "but it's done wonders for my gammy shoulder.
My reply will be "writhing around the floor in agony with a gammy left knee".
With its gammy knee and notorious bad luck, Kipp thought better of that.
And despite a couple of extra chins, a bucket of hair dye and gammy knees, they just about managed to roll back the years when they met up again.
King in Las Vegas and just held "An Evening With Buddy Guy" at the Gammy Museum's theater in Los Angeles where he discussed his storied career and performed a selection of songs.
I have got a bit of a gammy knee so I don't like to do any dancing.