gamma radiation

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electromagnetic radiation emitted during radioactive decay and having an extremely short wavelength

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Since the late 1980s, ecological studies in many countries have linked large-scale geographic variations in the incidence of AL with variations in average radon and gamma radiation exposure on that scale.
On the other wise, treatment with oral silymarin extract against gamma radiation in this work efficiently trims down the elevated levels of serum biomarkers such as AST, ALT, ALP and GGT and these results in agreement with that of Naik et al.
Some studies have investigated the effects of gamma radiation on plants, including changes at the morphological, physiological and biochemical levels.
Studies that examined other fruit species also indicated that gamma radiation plays an important role in postharvest conservation by reducing rot incidence, weight loss and ascorbic acid degradation, in addition to increasing shelf life (MAHAJAN et al.
2 wagons are to be sent to Korea since their gamma radiation background is exceeding the natural rate 3.
Another Gamma radiation system is currently under construction by the private sector," he informed.
One concern about gamma radiation is the possibility of too much crosslinking.
The primary contaminants of concern at the site are arsenic, elemental phosphorous and gamma radiation.
The course aims at familiarsing the participants with the importance of the Monte Carlo technique to improve the control and calibration of gamma radiation detectors, in addition to exchanging expertise and enhancing cooperation amongst the Arab countries.
Radiation chemistry deals with the amount of energy absorbed from the gamma radiation.
Following an accident in the lab, Bruce is exposed to a massive dose of gamma radiation which should kill him.
GammaPix Libraries, advanced algorithms for low-cost gamma radiation detection using unmodified cameras developed by Image Insight Inc.
The system works by measuring differences in gamma radiation emitted when atoms in radioactive elements "decay," or lose energy.
This explanation is in agreement with experimental confirm fact that gamma radiation act on chlorophyll synthesis ( Bogdanovic et al.