gamma globulin

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a plasma protein containing the immunoglobulins that are responsible for immune responses

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Hypothalamic role in control of gamma globulin levels.
Gamma globulin is now manufactured by only one commercial firm in the United States--the Pennsylvania-based Armour Pharmaceutical Co.
At present, gamma globulin advocates do not expect spectacular results, but express hope that techniques could be perfected for "aiming" the serum ingredient at specific viruses that are supposed to make up the complex of microbes dominating the victim's body.
2,18) A recent study questions the reliability of the determination of alpha, beta, and gamma globulins by protein electrophoresis in birds in particular and offers some explanations for the variations of the globulin fraction values, such as low sample volumes for globulin fractions, technical variations in the methodology, and limitations of the statistical methods.
The overall response rate to gamma globulin was approximately 70%, Dr.
In a separate presentation at the same meeting, Barron reported that aspirin and gamma globulin treatment given to Kawasaki patients within seven days of fever onset helps prevent aneurysm formation.
a diagnostics and solutions company which specializes in Immune or Gamma Globulin testing (IgG) for the equine and bovine markets.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the supply of topiramate (doe), mycophenolate (doe), acid (doe) mycophenolic, oxaliplatin (doe) gamma globulin anti-rh (doe), fludarabine (doe) and temozolomide for all service organizations osakidetza.
We concluded that the results from the BCG method and associated analyzer-derived results, such as gamma globulin concentration or A:G ratio, should not be used in avian clinical medicine.
Shortages of gamma globulin could necessitate the use of plasma exchange as primary therapy, he noted.
Patient's serum sample and sera from known C-CHF-positive patients, as well as hyperimmune human gamma globulin against C-CHFV, were placed in the wells in agar plates and left overnight to diffuse; precipitin lines were formed where the concentration of the antigen and antibodies was serologically equivalent (3).
Any profuse mucous otorrhea is treated with an ear drop of equal parts Vasocidin and gamma globulin.
Application of turbidimetric methods for estimation of gamma globulin and total lipid.
The girl and her 10-year-old sister, Jessica, were among more than 8,400 Los Angeles students and staff who got shots of gamma globulin, which stimulates the immune system to ward off hepatitis.
Meanwhile, he says, other researchers are conducting studies to determine whether boosting the immune system of young AIDS patients with intravenous gamma globulin is effective.