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the 3rd letter of the Greek alphabet

a unit of magnetic field strength equal to one-hundred-thousandth of an oersted

Portuguese navigator who led an expedition around the Cape of Good Hope in 1497

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The latest discovery, by the 6-year-old Compton satellite, could account for the missing gamma rays.
To support growing demand, Gamma expanded its sales and services support with new field offices in North America and EMEA.
Gamma UniVerse for developers will be available from Gamma on Sept.
It's a supermassive black hole at the core of a distant galaxy that captures gas and material from nearby stars, heats it and releases X-rays, gamma rays and jets of material toward Earth at nearly the speed of light.
To offset the cost--a Gamma Knife costs about US$3.
Perhaps the "closet factor" is what makes information about Gamma Mu--and its members--difficult to come by.
The London Gamma Knife Centre and Barts and The London NHS Trust have been providing a radiosurgery service since 1999 and have now decided to invest in the most recent technology from Elekta, a Swedish company and the world-leader in radiosurgery systems.
The previously disclosed arrangements relating to the exercise of the option were amended to postpone closing of an associated asset purchase agreement covering substantially all of the assets utilized by Gamma in its bingo gaming activities, which under the amended services agreement will be committed to use by TVBN in its performance of such services.
premier providers of Gamma Knife[R] surgery, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Presbyterian (UPMC) in Pittsburgh, has agreed to purchase the new Leksell Gamma Knife[R] Perfexion[TM], the most advanced system ever for non-invasive radiosurgery of brain disorders.
OTC: TVBO) announced today that it has exercised its previously announced option, as extended by Gamma International, Ltd.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Elekta (STO:EKTAB) announced today that it has received an order for four (4) Leksell Gamma Knife[R] Perfexion[TM] with deliveries starting in the spring of 2007 to customers of GK Financing, LLC, a unit of American Shared Hospital Services' (AMEX:AMS).
2], respectively, and the partial gamma width for the M1 and E1 transitions to the ground state are [[GAMMA].
Gamma is currently engaging in a new business direction involving acquisitions of equity interests, management contracts and consulting agreements in new ventures, such as the previously announced ventures in Melbourne, Australia and Biloxi, Mississippi.
SAN FRANCISCO -- AMERICAN SHARED HOSPITAL SERVICES (AMEX:AMS) (PCX:AMS), a leading provider of turnkey technology solutions for advanced radiosurgical and radiation therapy services, announced today that it has ordered four Leksell Gamma Knife[R] Perfexion[TM] systems from Elekta AB (Stockholm Stock Exchange:EKTAb) for planned upgrades of AMS clinical partner sites in the United States.