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the 3rd letter of the Greek alphabet

a unit of magnetic field strength equal to one-hundred-thousandth of an oersted

Portuguese navigator who led an expedition around the Cape of Good Hope in 1497

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To offset the cost--a Gamma Knife costs about US$3.
Perhaps the "closet factor" is what makes information about Gamma Mu--and its members--difficult to come by.
This would account for some of the bright gamma rays flowing from the galactic center, but scientists realized that it would not explain the much larger flow of gamma radiation coming from the Milky Way as a whole.
Gamma has more than 10 years experience in the SAP market, and its solutions are already deployed throughout some of the largest corporations in the world.
The discovery was reported May 1 at a meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society in San Diego, where scientists announced several new gamma ray findings.
Gamma Knife[R] surgery, also known as stereotactic radiosurgery, is a method for treating tumors and other brain disorders with ultrahigh precision, focused radiation, in many cases eliminating the need for invasive procedures.
to incorporate Gamma Knife radiosurgery into its neurosurgery program in 1987.
Through GK Financing, American Shared Hospital Services (AMS) is the world leader in providing Gamma Knife[R] surgery services, with Leksell Gamma Knife units installed at 21 U.
SAN FRANCISCO -- AMERICAN SHARED HOSPITAL SERVICES (AMEX:AMS) (PCX:AMS), a leading provider of turnkey technology solutions for advanced radiosurgical and radiation therapy services, announced today that it has ordered four Leksell Gamma Knife[R] Perfexion[TM] systems from Elekta AB (Stockholm Stock Exchange:EKTAb) for planned upgrades of AMS clinical partner sites in the United States.
The NPDGamma experiment will measure the parity-violating directional gamma ray asymmetry [A.
Enigmatic bursts of high-energy gamma rays produced in Earth's atmosphere are surprisingly strong and frequent, satellite data suggest.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- During the month of October, Elekta (STO:EKTAB) and its distributor Advanced Technology Company, will deliver the first Leksell Gamma Knife[R] unit in Kuwait to Ibn Sina Hospital in Kuwait City.
The NPDGamma [gamma]-ray detector has been built to measure, with high accuracy, the size of the small parity-violating asymmetry in the angular distribution of gamma rays from the capture of polarized cold neutrons by protons.
Of particular interest are the gamma waves produced when masses of neurons emit their electrical signals around 40 times a second.
DUBLIN, Ohio -- Neoprobe Corporation (OTCBB:NEOP), a diversified developer of innovative oncology and cardiovascular surgical and diagnostic products, today announced that it introduced a new gamma detection probe at the American College of Surgeons 92nd Annual Clinical Congress meeting in Chicago.