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a table used for gambling

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The Company product lines include BRAVO Pit, a complete table game management and player tracking system; BRAVO Poker, the most robust poker room management system available; and BRAVO Poker Live, the mobile app that allows players to access up-to-the-minute live play, tournament, and promotional activity at all participating poker rooms; custom-built gaming tables and furniture; high-quality casino chips; precision dice; playing cards; table layouts; roulette wheels; roulette and baccarat displays; and table game accessories.
Company Supplies BRAVO Pit & Poker, Chip and Card Detection System, Gaming Tables, Layouts and Accessories
The 46,000 square feet of gaming tables were jammed packed with players putting up minimum bets higher than those normally seen in Atlantic City casinos.
As at 30 June 2013, the Group had a total of 325 slot machines and 150 gaming tables in its two casinos, Pharaoh's Palace Casino at The Landmark Macau and Babylon Casino at Macau Fisherman's Wharf.
BRAVO gaming table layouts are made of a specially formulated blend of suede polyester material that provides superior durability than the standard graphic cloth.
Genesis Interactive's extensive product line includes custom-built gaming tables and furniture, table layouts, precision dice, playing cards, table game displays and reader boards, and table game accessories.
US Patent # 8,130,097 is for technology that detects objects placed on a gaming table with embedded light sensors located under the table felts.
In addition to providing existing check cashing, ATM and credit and debit card cash advance services, Cash Systems will also provide wireless cash access services to Ho-Chunk Nation, allowing patrons to complete a transaction from remote areas of the casino, such as a slot machine or gaming table.
This new technology has the ability to read a full gaming table stacked in any manner in less than 2 tenths of a second, or approximately the same speed as when the human eye blinks.
GPI's Themed Products help extend casino marketing efforts all the way to the gaming table.
The Macao government and six casino operators have agreed to controls on expansion of the gaming industry, limiting the number of gaming tables, location of slot machines and age limit for casino goers, Macao's media reported Tuesday.
Styled as a Great Outdoors Adventure, the cancer-fighting foundation joined up with Los Angeles magazine to offer up rock-climbing walls, bluegrass bands, gaming tables, and both silent and live auctions to encourage the 3,200 revelers to open their wallets and give to the ever-important cause of eradicating cancer.
Out From Las Vegas showcases the fact there there's more to do than visit the gaming tables of downtown casinos
By applying their minds to both Wall Street and casino gaming tables, they became wealthy men.