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the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize)

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The cardinal, as his Majesty had said, was really furious, so furious that during eight days he absented himself from the king's gaming table.
I could see that the whole thing was a vain and unreasoning pursuit; and what, at the first glance, seemed to me the ugliest feature in this mob of roulette players was their respect for their occupation--the seriousness, and even the humility, with which they stood around the gaming tables.
You shall leave that odious regiment: quit gaming, racing, and BE A GOOD BOY; and we shall all live in Park Lane, and ma tante shall leave us all her money.
Gaming, the vice which ran so high among all classes
It's surprising, in a good sort of way, making that option available and not making a big whoop about it," says Jeb Havens, 25, a lead designer for 1st Playable Productions and one of the few openly gay designers in the gaming industry.
Political economy is a natural frontier for gaming.
Rival console maker Sega tried to capitalize on the letdown by pushing its much cheaper game box, Dreamcast, and its deeper inventory of impressive games, including online gaming, which Sony can't match.
Progressive Will Globally Distribute Mobile Gaming Systems and Cantor Acquires Mobile Rights to Rapid Bet Live[TM] and PrimeLine[TM]
The 45 million milestone represents not only a great achievement for the company's marquee game, but also an important expansion of CDC Games' centralized online gaming platform.
Partners benefit greatly from this program because every person they introduce to casual gaming becomes not only a potential customer, but also a marketing representative for them.
com/reports/c49812) has announced the addition of "In-Depth Analysis: Asia/Pacific Online Gaming Market: Understanding the User" to their offering.
Big Fish Games is a company to watch," said Michael Cai, director of gaming and broadband at Parks Associates.
With surging interest in online casual gaming, and a rebound in advertising rates in recent years, developers of online games have been clamoring for an equitable share of this revenue.
This review report provides an overview of current and future developments across global gaming sector.
Acclaim Brings the First of More Than 20 New Gaming Titles to In-Game Advertising