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a homeless girl who roams the streets

a girl of impish appeal

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Viewed through the scrim, the corps de ballet enlivens every cliche of Parisian life--gamins and gamines, bicyclists, gendarmes, ladies of fashion, and even Degas ballerinas-and its upbeat pace takes its cue from Gershwin's delicious score.
As fashionable gamines in the 1920s they frolicked in `soft cylinder' dresses, but by 1930 they had matured into svelte Art Deco elegantes who swept along in body-caressing gowns.
In the role, Bussiere succeeds in stepping away from the gamines she often plays, while Manojilovic (the happily corrupt black marketeer of Emir Kusturica's Underground), comes through like many of Pool's morose and opaque male characters.
En fait, ces parties de [beaucoup moins que]chasse[beaucoup plus grand que] aux gamines n'ont pas seulement un caractere strictement sexuel, mais se convertissent en un reel marche de liquidation de la came et de l'alcool.
Loose-jointed gamines in wacky hats and midi skirts sashay; bereted chaps in overalls cartwheel; everybody saunters in syncopation, like a New Orleans jazz funeral promenade.