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a homeless girl who roams the streets

a girl of impish appeal

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PAYAL SINGHAL The designer plays with the delicate femininity of the French Chantilly lace for the gamine Parisian.
She is fuming after being ordered to shave off her hair once again - just weeks after it finally grew back into an elegant, gamine style.
The thing about little Mulligan is she's physically very gamine, she's got this beautiful innocence in her face, but there is a bit of a wild streak in her - a bit of Zelda, a bit of the zany.
Hathaway, who received much attention for shaving her head for the film, admitted during the "Les Miserables" premiere in London that her new gamine 'do has definitely altered her style.
It contains a blush and a highlighter, and comes in three shade combinations: Ingenue, Gamine and Coquette.
With dramatic eyebrows, doe eyes, full hair and blunt fringe, her awkward, gamine beauty captivated the masses.
Mobile Gamine Corp provides best of breed technology and competitive solutions to fill the need for authentication, access control, charging in a mobile network, PC and Satellite Television for live interactive wagering in legal jurisdictions.
The statue's voluptuous curves contrast with the gamine figute of the protagonist, who, with her bobbed hair and deadpan face, could be a I 920s flapper.
EMMA WATSON, right With the last in the movie in the franchise which made her a star being released, it's the gamine actress' time to shine.
With a Juno award for their self-titled debut under their belt, Chic Gamine is back with a brand new album called City City.
The actress also confided that she loathes her much-copied gamine hairstyle.
Which raises the question of how she has suddenly acquired these gamine looks when she has always been as tubby as the rest of her family.
In one week alone, he played host to all the Beatles, Donovan and Mia Farrow, famously putting the gamine actress's nose out of joint with his famous chat-up line: "I may not be the best looking lad here, but I'm the only one talking to you.
But ``Spider-Man'' sweetie Kirsten Dunst looked a little too gamine in a shapeless Chloe schoolgirl smock over a black turtleneck and tights.
As the spirit of this precocious, profane gamine runs on at full tilt, Mikhail Kononov renders a searing indictment of the wasteland of shame that was Stalin's Russia, his caustic, ribald phantasmagoria unfolding an archly bleak vision of hell on earth.