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a homeless girl who roams the streets

a girl of impish appeal

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PAYAL SINGHAL The designer plays with the delicate femininity of the French Chantilly lace for the gamine Parisian.
Mobile Gamine Corp provides best of breed technology and competitive solutions to fill the need for authentication, access control, charging in a mobile network, PC and Satellite Television for live interactive wagering in legal jurisdictions.
The statue's voluptuous curves contrast with the gamine figute of the protagonist, who, with her bobbed hair and deadpan face, could be a I 920s flapper.
This versatile gamine cut leaves an unforgettable first impression.
The doe-eyed gamine of films like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917) and Daddy- Long-Legs (1919) was, however, a shrewd businesswoman who dictated her own contracts, developed her own production company, and cofounded United Artists with husband Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, and D.
celebrity shoe designer Taryn Rose (she in a gorgeous Chanel number, naturally) gushed to the gamine French actress at the glittery after party held at the Chanel boutique on Robertson Boulevard.
The hourglass figure is very suited to the 50s and the gamine Audrey Hepburn figure is more 20s.
Which raises the question of how she has suddenly acquired these gamine looks when she has always been as tubby as the rest of her family.
In one week alone, he played host to all the Beatles, Donovan and Mia Farrow, famously putting the gamine actress's nose out of joint with his famous chat-up line: "I may not be the best looking lad here, but I'm the only one talking to you.
As the spirit of this precocious, profane gamine runs on at full tilt, Mikhail Kononov renders a searing indictment of the wasteland of shame that was Stalin's Russia, his caustic, ribald phantasmagoria unfolding an archly bleak vision of hell on earth.
Bien plus que des frites: une gamine de plus de 60 produits
The idea of Frenchness still evokes elitism, privilege, the diplomat class, savoir-faire and luxury--the gamine Gigi learning how to spot good emeralds while Maurice Chevalier warbles leeringly nearby.
Bizet's sensual gypsy is off-limits for now, but she could imagine playing Carmen in a smaller house with a non-traditional approach: more playful or gamine than blowsy and overbearing.