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(sometimes offensive) a homeless boy who has been abandoned and roams the streets

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What makes the Tramp's experience different in Modern Times is the motivation that the gamin inspires in him.
Their track record in Cannes in unparalleled: Two Palm d'Ors ("Rosetta" and "L'enfant"), best actor and special mention from the Jury ("Le fils"), best screenplay ("Le silence de Lorna"), and, as this year, the Grand Prize of the Jury for "Le gamin.
un habitante de la calle, simboliza inmediatamente en mi mente, al gamin, desechable, loco drogadicto y persona peligrosa que vive por lo general alterando el curso normal de la vida y que ademas viven o duermen debajo de un puente o junto a un garaje de taller o de zona deshabitada en las noches.
In order to preserve competitive confidentiality all expressions of interest are to be sent to Hopgood Gamin Lawyers by email to: (e.
Le Gamin, a food truck offering sandwiches and fries, also made its Midtown debut yesterday.
Among the many variants of flaneur, Huart includes a chapter on "le gamin de Paris": "Il ne dort pas, il se promene toujours, fait des poires sur les murailles, joue des claquettes, et finit sa journee comme il l'a commencee, en flanant" (145).
9999% of bacteria, without the use of bleach or hot water, "The benefits of this product are incredible," said Emil Gamin of Living Life Better.
a Gamin GPS (a big thanks to the Arizona affiliate),
Other horses that are expected to make their marks include the three-year-old son of Gamin de Carrere, Burger, in the hands of A V Kirshin.
He appealed to both women and men, exuding a gamin charm that cashed in on a slightly androgynous quality that has since become so fashionable.
In related news, Ziff Davis Media (New York), a company serving the technology and video gamin markets through print publications, web sites, conferences, events, e-seminars, e-newsletters, custom publishing, and research and market intelligence, has hired Evercore Partners (New York) and Lehman Brothers (New York) as its financial advisors to assist in exploring strategic alternatives, including the possible sale of some or all of the company's groups, in order to "maximize shareholder value.
The CBS Chorus was clear and forward, lively and spirited, complemented by a sparky, gamin CBS Youth Chorus singing in such confident French.
A dirt-road, hard-pavement, dank-boxcar, cold-city, hot-desert gamin.
Despite the various commercial programs and antiviolence school interventions identified in the literature, incomplete implementation (Vernberg & Gamin, 2003), ineffective staff training, or lack of whole school participation (Glover, Gough, Johnson, & Cartwright, 2000; Houndowandi & Pateraki, 2001) often render these attempts to decrease bullying ineffective.
Pinder observes, the portraits, Head of a Young Man for example, combine a "racial idiom" with a patience and skill reminiscent of Augusta Savage's sculpture Gamin.