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Synonyms for gamy

suggestive of sexual impropriety

(used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

willing to face danger

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Back in 1910, when the activities pursued by Janacek and his colleagues started to be known to the public, the period press highlighted the merits of the then state-of-the-art technology: "The phonograph captures the character of the singer's yoke, the ornamentation of the melody, which can only with difficulty be written down in music notation; many songs are indeterminate in terms of their key, they are sung in both major and minor, with their tunes being sung by singers gamily each time.
Companies like BigDoor, Baclgeve, Gamily, and Gigya can assist you with strategy and software often free of charge.
Lula's offer has raised hopes of Ashtiani release among, especially among her gamily members.
No one can deny that How the Other Half Lives often mimics the prevailing middle- and upper-class tendencies to exoticize the tenements or to demonize them, to make them gamily alluring dens of iniquity or dangerous nests of moral and political anarchy, or both.
Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression lawyer Ahmed Ezzat told Daily News Egypt that the book's publisher, Gamily Ahmed Shehata was arrested during the raid by state security when all copies of the book were seized.
LIFE AFTER BASEBALL: I envision myself being a gamily guy who's there for his boys.