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Synonyms for gamy

suggestive of sexual impropriety

(used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

willing to face danger

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Lula's offer has raised hopes of Ashtiani release among, especially among her gamily members.
No one can deny that How the Other Half Lives often mimics the prevailing middle- and upper-class tendencies to exoticize the tenements or to demonize them, to make them gamily alluring dens of iniquity or dangerous nests of moral and political anarchy, or both.
Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression lawyer Ahmed Ezzat told Daily News Egypt that the book's publisher, Gamily Ahmed Shehata was arrested during the raid by state security when all copies of the book were seized.
The first floor provides gamily space, the smallest of the bedrooms, more than 10ft by 9 ft and the largest, more than 14ft square.
gordonii Actinomyces, McNab (40) fibronectin FnbA, FnbB Staphylococcus Fibronectin Jonsson (41) aureus SfbI, Protein F Streptococcus Fibronectin Talay (42) pyogenes Hanski (43) LraI gamily Burnett-Curley et al.