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Synonyms for gamy

suggestive of sexual impropriety

(used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

willing to face danger

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This was followed up this year by Gamier Ambre Solaire Wet Skin, which uses hydrophobic water-repelling polymers to help keep the formula from getting diluted in water.
Also new for 2014 is Gamier Fructis Marvelous Oil 5-Action Hair Elixirs, a range of versatile, exotic blends specifically created to nourish, illuminate and smooth a variety of hair types.
MLC export manager JP Gamier said: "We have seen exports increase by about 1,000 tonnes a month since May, although growth is slowing slightly as a result of a dip in domestic prices in France and Germany--two of the major importers of British beef.
From the choreography to the magnificently glittering costumes designed by Luisa Spinatelli, this full-length nineteenth-century ballet was immensely beautiful, bringing both a new shine to an old jewel and revealing the young talents blossoming in the halls of the Palais Gamier.
In 1996 I became sales director for Gamier and in 2000 moved to become sales director for L'Oreal Paris UK.
San Francisco Ballet, May 12-19, Palais Gamier, place Vendome, 011 33 836 69 78 68, www.
0 cocamidopropyl betaine, glyceryl stearate) Gamier Fragrance (Solo Labs) 0.
It comes at the same time as a breakthrough in the Cypriot market, where supermarket chain Carrefour will list English bull beef on promotion for the first time in the country's history, according to Jean-Pierre Gamier, the MLC's export director.
Could she have known in dreaming up her Chagall-inspired piece for SFB that her work would then travel to the Palais Gamier in Pads, famous for its own stunning Chagall-painted ceiling?
The consumer products division and L'Oreal Luxe are growing strongly, driven by L'Oreal Paris, Gamier, Lancome, Giorgio Armani and Kiehl's.
Alongside the traditionally natural brands such as Barefoot Botanicals and the Body Shop are larger brands such as L'Oreal, whose Gamier Skin Naturals range is keen to stress its allegiance to natural skincare.
But on June 20, after two years of restoration costing $10 million, a glittering new Palais Gamier debuted in time for the Paris Opera Ballet's twenty-first century season.
Feeling optimistic about the market prospects, an increasing number of manufacturers have rushed to cash in on the growing popularity of cosmetic facial masks, by either expanding their existing skin care lines such as Olay, Gamier and TCM-based local brand Inoberb, or solely focusing on developing new facial mask brands, like MG, My Beauty Diary and Mask Family 1908.
The MLC's meat export manager JP Gamier said that there was a priority list of non-EU export targets, which included Hong Kong, Norway, Romania and South Africa, and that discussions with these countries were ongoing.
The public offering of thousands of costumes dating back to early in the century, which had been crowded into warehouses across the city as well as in the halls and basement of the Palais Gamier, was the result of a massive spring cleaning and installation of a bar code system on the remaining 60,000 costumes.