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the gamete-bearing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations

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The time taken for development of the different gametophytic stages of Arthromeris himalayensis is shown in Table 1.
Gametophytes germinated on soil or moved from agar to soil propagated new gametophytic tissue in the soil boxes, eventually forming a thick gametophytic mat.
Gametophytic self-incompatibility is controlled by a single major locus on chromosome 1 in Lycopersicon peruvianum.
The study of orbicules could be particularly rewarding since they offer a window on several biological issues on the borderline between gametophyte and sporophyte, such as the ratio of sporophytic and gametophytic genetic control in the development of the sporoderm, the function and chemical composition of lipidic fractions of tapetal origin in flowering plants (Piffanelli et al.
Gametophytic self-incompatibility: understanding the cellular mechanisms involved in "self" pollen tube inhibition.
2006): cellular response to the stress, suppression of the gametophytic program, and expression of the embryogenic program.
Gametophyte morphology and development of three species of Cyrtogonellum Ching (Dryopteridaceae) were described with the aim to increase our knowledge on the gametophytic stage of this fern genus especially the occurrence of sexual structures.
In an obituary of Pringsheim, Scott (1895) championed Pringsheim's opinion that the free-living sexual and asexual forms of thallophytes were homologous, and that their alternation was the phylogenetic precursor to the alternation of gametophytic and sporophytic generations in archegoniates.
Dryopteridaceae, Cyrtomium, allozymes, conservation, founder effect, glacial refugia, homosporous fern, gametophytic selling, population history, population structure
In this work we provide the first account of farina production in the gametophyte of a non-notholaenoid: two accessions of Argyrochosma nivea from different geographical localities were found to have farina on their gametophytes, suggesting that this gametophytic character is not a synapomorphy for the notholaenoids, and may have had several independent evolutionary origins.
The dkg1 mutants were shown to be constitutively active in several photomorphogenic responses mediated by phytochrome (a red and far-red light photoreceptor) through the gametophytic phase (Kamachi et al.
a sporophyte) actually occur; advanced charophytes are gametophytic plants.
Gametophytic and sporophytic regeneration of scales of Platycerium bifurcatum (Cav.
The switch from the gametophytic program to the alternative sporophytic program is initiated using different types of stress, inducing the embryogenic development of microspores (Garrido et al.
It is also possible that the entire leaf and all other leaves of the mother sporophyte were heterozygous because one of two possible gametophytic parents was mutant.