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the development and maturation of sex cells through meiosis

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Counts were performed on all females sampled over the 26-mo study period at the unexploited and fished sites (July 2010 to September 2012) and over the gametogenic period at the farmed site (May to August 2015 and April to September 2016).
The asynchronic gametogenic cycle in the callista clam population from Altata Bay, Sinaloa, Mexico, is partially reflected by the coexistence of several stages of development in the same gonad.
Prospective culture of the Cortez oyster Crassostrea corteziensis from Northwestern Mexico: growth, gametogenic activity, and condition index.
Protective role of alpha-tocopherol-succinate (provitamin-E) in cyclophosphamide induced testicular gametogenic and steroidogenic disorders: A correlative approach to oxidative stress.
Gametogenic patterns of the larviparous oyster Ostrea nomads from Karachi Pakistan (Northern Arabian Sea).
The specific objectives of this study were to (i) characterize the complete gametogenic cycle (oocyte and spermatocyte) of Montipora capitata in Hawai'i and (ii) determine if the reproductive cycle (colony synchrony and fecundity) differs among sites with distinct sedimentation conditions.
The concentration of testosterone in the tubular environment (intra-testicular) is believed to maintain the gametogenic function of the testis2,3,4,15,16.
viridis has a large ecological and fishery potential in the area owing to its continuous gametogenic cycle and high growth rate, however, being an invasive species it is recommended to continue monitoring it to evaluate the impact on environment and indigenous species.
With respect to function, both of these gonads have gametogenic and endocrine functions.
Nevertheless, in the adult man there would take place a reduction in the number and type of cells that express the protein c-kit (of unknown function), which probably is an important factor in the regulation of the endocrine and gametogenic functions of the adult testicle.
The clinical significance of the disruptive effects of OP exposure on FSH and LH homeostasis in the present study could be related to an abnormal gametogenic testicular function.
A detailed histological inspection of each sample was made to assess the stage of gonadal maturity and the percentage of gametogenic tissue.
The number of eggs found in each ovarian tubule (acinus), the number of mature egg number per acinus, and egg size were highest for females at this temperature, indicating increased fecundity and gametogenic maturity.
In 1997, a case of malaria was diagnosed in a patient from southern Italy and identified as probable malaria transmitted by an autochthonous mosquito that fed on a gametogenic host; information on this case was shared with public health officials in Europe to reduce the risk of reintroducing malaria into the Mediterranean basin (7).