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the development and maturation of sex cells through meiosis

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Expression of genes controlling functions such as cardiac differentiation, regulation of WNT signaling, gametogenesis, and gastrulation were enriched in AHR-positive cells relative to unselected cells.
We report for the first time the reproduction of the Manila clam in Turkish waters and show that optimal conditions for gametogenesis and spawning exist for this exotic species from March until October in the Dardanelles.
Discussion--The reproductive season in oviparous reptiles generally occurs during spring or summer, and in most of these reproductive cycles, gametogenesis occurs shortly before reproduction (Fitch, 1970; Villagran-Santa Cruz et al.
Ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis has played an important role in the control of mammalian gametogenesis.
Considerable research has focused on determining the structure of GnRHs and their role in regulating teleost gametogenesis (Chen and Fernald, 2008).
Considering data demonstrating extensive human exposure, we believe that current environmental levels of Cd could be deleterious to early gametogenesis.
Effect of gamma-radiation on the gametogenesis in the Sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius.
Chapter topics include the cell, protein synthesis, gametogenesis, the place of genetics in medicine, autosomal recessive inheritance, chromosome structural abnormalities, twin studies, immunogenetics, gene mapping, dysmorphology, southern blotting, DNA profiling, an avoidance and prevention of disease.
This study had three purposes: 1) to determine at what size and age striped mullet become fully sexually differentiated and to describe the morphological characteristics of sexual differentiation in both male and female striped mullet; 2) to determine the size and age at first maturity for each sex; and 3) to describe the timing and process of gametogenesis in relation to size and age in both males and females in order to provide a histological baseline for the evaluation and reproductive staging of striped mullet.
In general, these studies highlight the importance of temperature and availability of food on activation and extent of gametogenesis, and identify critical moments when larval mortality increases, such as the start of exogenous feeding by early veliger larvae and metamorphosis of pediveliger larvae.
Effects of cooling water discharge on gametogenesis have been observed in cyprinids [9], percids [3].
Infertility can be caused by defects in the development of the urogenital system or its function by genetic defects of the endocrine system, including the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, or by defects in gametogenesis, sexual function, fertilization or early embryonic development.
Several species with autumn reproductive activity show a strong inverse correlation between gametogenesis and photoperiod in autumn (Ballinger, 1973; Guillette and Bearce, 1986; Mendez-de la Cruz et al.
Aneuploidy arises mostly during gametogenesis through error in maternal and paternal chromosome segregation.