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the development and maturation of sex cells through meiosis

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Preliminary investigations showed that the Tapes philippinarum gonad satisfied the requirements for stereological analysis: constant gonad tissue anatomical localization, synchronous gametogenesis throughout the gonad, sufficiently homogeneous gonad tissue, and sufficiently large patches of gonad tissue were available to perform counts (Beninger & Boldina 2012a).
Abu Dhabi: Doctors from around the world converged in Abu Dhabi on Monday to discuss the potential for a new groundbreaking medical treatment for infertile couples through a process called artificial gametogenesis.
Effects of inbreeding on growth, gametogenesis, gonad production, quality and MYP expression in the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius.
These authors attribute hermaphroditism to the age of specimens and to environmental stimuli; however, Paniagua-Chavez & Acosta-Ruiz (1995) attributed this to the fact that in hermaphroditism, complete removal and reabsorption of gametes of the most recent reproductive cycle and new gametogenesis do not occur.
sellowiana male and female gametogenesis has not been investigated previously.
Los estados de madurez gonadica se determinaron de acuerdo a la clasificacion de Lucas (1965): gametogenesis, madurez y liberacion.
Further, the MYP of sea urchins persists throughout development, a result inconsistent with its presumed role in nutrition for gametogenesis or development.
Its monitoring allows to know the stages of gametogenesis and periods of gamete emissions.
They suggested that gasotransmitter regulation of gametogenesis may occur through cysteine residue modification of target proteins, including formation of nitrosothiols and persulfides.
Through doing more research on reproductive biology and increasing our knowledge of gametogenesis, fertilization, embryo development, implantation and fetus-uterus crosstalk, more effective treatment options in future for infertile couples specially the ones with unexplained infertility would be provided.
A conditioning technique used in laboratory is to increase the temperature gradually to stimulate gametogenesis.
The majority of cases are due to presence of SRY gene on the X chromosome resulting from abnormal gametogenesis with translocation of SRY gene to X chromosome during meiosis4.
Scallops in this region naturally spawn in the spring, when the water temperature increases and triggers gametogenesis, the development of eggs and sperm," White said.