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The impetus for including biological analyses in the Mussel Watch Program was the concern that gametogenic stage might influence contaminant body burden, as some contaminants are preferentially associated with or excluded from gametic tissue (e.
This may not be true with subgroups within SE, as these appear to be close enough to each other to benefit from gametic gene flow, which would be expected eventually to counterbalance inbreeding in those subgroups.
uncontroversial grounds for seeking "access to gametic material
The F1 females will produce four gametic types: both parental types (+ +/ and se e/) and two recombinant types (se +/and + e/), but F1 males will produce only the parental types (+ +/and see/) in equal frequency.
Although these markers were appropriate for identification of hybrids with gray weakfish, they were ineffective for determining conclusively whether the second gametic contribution was made by sand or silver seatrout.
absolved donors of gametic material from legal parenthood obligations.
In several instances, the differences between the heteroplasmic haplotypes have been too large to suggest a simple gametic or somatic mutational event (Kvist et al.
That this fragile package when united with its gametic counterpart could survive a rigorous meiotic and gestational journey was, well, compelling.
In studies with Chiamydomonas eugametos and Chiamydomonas moewusii, Lewin (1956) found that production and maintenance of gametes in the light required the presence of oxygen, and that gametic activity is lost more rapidly in the dark under anaerobic conditions than in the presence of oxygen.
glaucum recovers quickly after each gametic emission, hence a large percentage of individuals with permanently mature gonads ready for spawning.
No significant gametic disequilibrium was detected between any microsatellite locus in any sample.
In an important sense the gestational parents have transformed the gametic material, or, rather, provided the opportunity for it to transform itself.
2009), with the following outcomes: (1) l-way gametic incompatibility, (2) lower interspecific fertilization rates than intraspecific fertilization rates, and (3) lower larval survival and/or growth rate in hybrids compared with intraspecific crosses.