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Morphology and gametic compatibility of color morphs of Paracentrotus gaimardi (Echinodermata: Echinoidea).
60 (excluding polymorphic sites unique to an individual), then cloning techniques were used to help resolve gametic phase by priming the PHASE algorithm.
The results indicated great diversity between the parents (P1 and P2), and they showed that the F1 generation was intermediary as predicted by gametic union of their parents.
Different DNA methylation between sperm and ovum is detected in some DMRs which are called Germline DMR or Gametic DMR.
Males and females are not separate species, but are rather interactive and interdependent --making gametic sex (i.
Quantitative analysis of gametic incompatibility between closely related species of neotropical sea urchins.
Transgenic and stem cell techniques receive several chapters, followed by genotyping, cloning, assisted reproduction, cryopreservation of embryonic and gametic genetic stocks, and visualization techniques.
The following examples could help to visualize this fact: whereas the average gametic chromosome number for angiosperms is n = 15.
asterias based on genetic data, as well as gene flow in the form of gametic migration, and we examined genetic evidence for a recent reduction in size of populations.
Hemitripterids have internal gametic association with external fertilization as their mode of reproduction.