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cell or organ in which gametes develop

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Also present on the lower epidermis were clusters of gametangia (Figs.
Some mechanisms have been documented to avoid the occurrence of intragametophytic selfing, such as high genetic load, and/or temporal separation of male and female gametangia on a single gametophyte (Chiou et al.
Mature prothalli have the typical cordate shape, a few longer than broad in first stages, and gametangia of both sexes occur mixed in the central stripe (Fig.
2), that is, each individual had two kinds of plant bodies, alike except that one, the diploid sporophyte, bore sporangia, while the other, the haploid gametophyte, bore gametangia.
The gametangia were functional because fertilization took place in older cultures.
Also, the multicellular sex organs of Chara and Nitella are suggestive of land-plant gametangia (cf.
The gametophytes are sexually mature once the gametangia form.
Because so many meiotic events occur in the microsporangium and because each sporangium contains only microspores or megaspores, recombination would be possible among gametangia produced by the same plant.
Gametangia were of the normal type described for Ieptosporangiate ferns.
The progenesis and acceleration of gametogenesis in flowering plants resulted in the loss of gametangia (antheridia and archegonia) on their gametophytes.
Cheilanthes pilosa developed gametangia 40 days after germination.
Trichomanes intricatum Farrar and Vittaria appalachiana Farrar & Mickel are perennials that reproduce exclusively by gemmae, even though gametangia may be present.