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the use of dubious (although not technically illegal) methods to win a game

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Like Edu, Luis favors the cool, laid-back and deadpan approach to TV hosting and gamesmanship.
Although some argue that gamesmanship is harmless verbal jockeying and not really disrespectful, researchers have noted an escalation of mean-spirited trash talk in professional sports since the late 1980s.
You talk about gamesmanship, he's one boy who doesn't play gamesmanship, allegedly.
Since then all sports have seen the screw of gamesmanship tighten.
You can call it gamesmanship, but sometimes it's being streetwise at this level.
The Conduct in Sport toward Opponents Scale (CSOS) contains 18 items and three subscales of ethical and unethical conduct, particularly, sportsmanship, gamesmanship, and instrumental aggression.
Summary: Australia captain Ricky Ponting has criticised England's gamesmanship after they left Cardiff with a nailbiting draw.
With the game almost saved, England indulged in gamesmanship by sending on the 12th man and the physio to eat up some time.
So here goes: Maradona (above) is a cocaine-snorting cheat who undermined his status as the greatest footballer of his time with an act of blatant gamesmanship that helped his team become world champions.
WHETHER it's pulling shirts on a football pitch, nipping your opponent in a rugby scrum or sledging in the middle of the cricket field, gamesmanship is part and parcel of sport.
Meanwhile, without naming any names this time Paul Azinger has once again made gamesmanship a talking point ahead of this week's contest.
The incessant political gamesmanship on the issue, from both sides of the aisle, has long since worn thin with the large majority of Americans, who rightly consider the entanglement in Iraq a deadly serious matter.
Only a plan that is fair to all 50 states will end the juvenile gamesmanship that comes with each approaching primary.
Chairman Chris Roberts says he will watch post-match videos and give two warnings before any player is dismissed or sold as he looks to stamp out gamesmanship.
Yates did not excuse the sending-off but felt Exeter's gamesmanship had contributed to the decision.