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the use of dubious (although not technically illegal) methods to win a game

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O'Sullivan said: "I have seen that some people doubted my ankle was broken and it might have been some kind of gamesmanship.
It's time for Congress to stop the gamesmanship and get back to work.
Club chairmen know what they're going to get by hiring certain managers and in the past they have been prepared to turn a blind eye to the sort of gamesmanship no supporter wants to see.
It was an unseemly end to a gripping contest and Australian captain Ricky Ponting was right to complain about the gamesmanship after the match.
Whether it's standing behind your opponent when he's putting or dropping in a little "watch out for that pond on the left" as he gets ready to tee off, gamesmanship is alive at all levels of golf.
Europe's players were accused of a deliberate go-slow policy during the controversial 1999 clash in Boston, but perhaps gamesmanship - ploys designed to upset the opposition - has just become more sneaky since then.
The incessant political gamesmanship on the issue, from both sides of the aisle, has long since worn thin with the large majority of Americans, who rightly consider the entanglement in Iraq a deadly serious matter.
Only a plan that is fair to all 50 states will end the juvenile gamesmanship that comes with each approaching primary.
Chairman Chris Roberts says he will watch post-match videos and give two warnings before any player is dismissed or sold as he looks to stamp out gamesmanship.
Yates did not excuse the sending-off but felt Exeter's gamesmanship had contributed to the decision.
The decision clearly angered Warnock who accused Johnson of gamesmanship and called for Gallagher to retire.
Elleray, one of England's most high-profile officials before his retirement in 2003, was disappointed by the levels of simulation and gamesmanship at the World Cup in Germany.
After Paul McGinley withdrew with a knee injury he then discovered he had been accused of gamesmanship by playing partner Ferrie, one of his rivals for a Ryder Cup place this September.
This fundamental budget reform proposal will take the politics, guesswork and political gamesmanship out of VA health care.
TIGER WOODS reckons gamesmanship is wrecking the Ryder Cup.