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the use of dubious (although not technically illegal) methods to win a game

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While Page reacts in F much like a gamesman who has been outfoxed, his speech in Q evokes the couple's love and is much more indicative of a New Comedy happy ending: "since your choise is made of one you love, / Here take her Fenton, & both happie prove" (Q 1616-17).
Peter Schjeldahl went further than either Kimmelman and Cohen, and characterized Johns as "a shy, self-absorbed collagist and a poetry-reading, intellectual gamesman influenced by the koanlike musical conundrums of John Cage.
n gamesman Geoff Ladbrooke IN 1963 Geoff Ladbrooke was among a band of young footballers who resurrected the Berry Brow team.
Jeter, ever the gamesman, advised Bush to throw from the mound, not in front of it, and to make sure that he didn't bounce it or the Yankee fans would boo him.
Ironically, last year's progressive statesman for the sake of undereducated Arkansas children is this year's budgetary gamesman.
To create and sustain a hierarchy of masculinities--who are the "real men"; what is a "manly pursuit"; what is worthy of masculine attention--effort must also be constantly invested in feminization: The masculinity gamesman maneuvers to relegate the allegedly insufficiently manly men to feminized arenas.
To his millions of followers, though, Gates is the quintessential gamesman, always one step ahead of consumers with a new system that is innovative but in reach of the masses.
Yet--for all the Brando look of him--Antin has been in academia for decades and was a brilliant academic gamesman, longtime chair of his own department.
Happening on the cruel net belonging to a gamesman,
The Gamesman, Batman Books, New York, 1976,173-209.
1976), The Gamesman, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY.
With a quicksilver irony perhaps uniquely suited to Tom Stoppard, the British theatre's leading intellectual gamesman aims for the head while writing most memorably for - and about - the heart.
Clinton may think this signals that he is adopting bipartisanism, but relying on a truth-bending gamesman shows he is embracing the politics of cynicism.
Included among those creatures are Hirsch's "Free-Agent Manager" (Pack Your Own Parachute, Addison-Wesley, 1987), Maccoby's "Gamesman" (The Gamesman, Bantam Books, 1978), Kelly's "Destructive Achiever" (The Destructive Achiever: Power and Ethics in the American Corporation, Addison-Wesley, 1988), and Kanter and Mirvis' "Articulate Player" (The Cynical Americans: Living and Working in an Age of Discontent and Disillusion, Jossey-Bass, 1989).
We are in one of the worst periods imaginable in terms of people's attitude toward government," said Michael Maccoby, a prominent business consultant and author of The Gamesman.