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a traditional Indonesian ensemble typically including many tuned percussion instruments including bamboo xylophones and wooden or bronze chimes and gongs

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Beowulf: An Anglo-Saxon Wayang Kulit" features new music composed for gamelan, the traditional Indonesian percussion orchestra; songs in Old English and Scots Gaelic; a script in both old and modern English; and intricate, handcrafted shadow puppets from the Indonesian island of Java.
Several Indonesian dances were performed including Pendhet dance (from Bali), Saman dance (from Aceh), Plate dance (from West Sumatra), Sekar Jagad dance (from Bali), Angklung and kulintang instruments, gamelan and puppet shadow show.
Two sets of ancient, sacred gamelan are played continuously night and day for the full week of the festival.
The opera juxtaposes an ensemble ofWestern instruments (the Bang on a Can All-Stars) and vocalists with the Gamelan Salukat orchestra, singers and dancers.
One of the highlights of the event was Gamelan -- traditional instrumental music from the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali.
uk For anyone who has struggled with a recorder, the nice thing about a gamelan is that you can learn to play a tune in less than an hour.
In Gamelan, John Jones summoned the entire company onstage.
The Cite de la Musique is an establishment of 1 st class types l, m, n, s, w, y, which includes several buildings composed of public open spaces (a concert hall, the Music Museum, bookstore , an amphitheater, a library, the Street Music and Conch space Gamelan and halls musical awakening) and not open to public spaces (offices, museum storage, restoration laboratory works , rehearsal studios and ancillary rooms - boards, storage facilities - parking and two docks)
It featured a steel band, a gamelan (Indonesian xylophone) orchestra, a reggae band and two African poets.
The second section looks at music as communication and community, with essays on topics such as the gamelan community in Dunedin and musical reassemblage in the jazz diaspora.
The Pacific Rim Gamelan, an authentic Balinese percussion orchestra, will present an evening of world premieres at 8 p.
A group of Gamelan players rides this unit with floral "stupas" as their backdrop from the world's greatest Buddhist monument at Borobudur near the City of Solo.
Gamelan Galak Tika will perform a combination of traditional and modern repertoire for gamelan gong kebyar written by both American and Balinese composers.
There was music from Shepley and LocKwood brass bands, the steel drums of the North Star Steel Orchestra and the massed xylophones of the Cragg Vale Gamelan Orchestra.
Would-be musicians with no experience at all can play in a gamelan orchestra.