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Synonyms for gamekeeper

a person employed to take care of game and wildlife

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HIT said the snared badger was trapped a second time and the gamekeeper again shot the wire off.
The court ruled that Natural England should pay the gamekeeper PS35,000 in costs.
A second goshawk and a buzzard were also caught in a trap and the gamekeeper was recorded placing them in a sack and carrying them off.
When I go to work, my wife doesn't know if I'll be coming back," the gamekeeper said.
It will not be easy, but this easy going though hard-nosed gamekeeper might catch a few hares.
Earlier this year, gamekeeper Kyle Burden, 19, of Kempton, was found guilty of killing buzzards and badgers and was given a 26-week sentence suspended for six months.
WHEN ARMINID FRAGA NETO WAS APPOINTED PRESIDENT of Brazil's Central Bank last February, opponents viii fled him as a "poacher turned gamekeeper," since he had spent his previous five years overseeing the investments of billionaire speculator George Soros, whose hedge funds are widely credited with crushing Third World currencies.
s GameKeeper line keeps gaming equipment organized at home or allows easy transport to another location, whether going to a friend's house after school or traveling cross country to compete in a tournament.
Millden head gamekeeper Mark Palmer said: "Les was ecstatic.
ANORTH East gamekeeper is celebrating more than 40 years of service to the job.
WE asked for your First World War stories and here's one from retired gamekeeper James Lawson.
The rural awareness event is organised by exteacher Bruce Weston and gamekeeper Harold Jones.
Being a gamekeeper is to live life close to the land.
A TOP moorland gamekeeper - born in the industrial smoke of Middlesbrough - has won a national rural award.
Gamekeeper Calum Murray, 18, was with friends in his home when his gun went off and fatally injured 16-year-old Sophie Taylor.