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Synonyms for gamecock

a cock bred and trained for fighting

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someone who is a very fierce fighter

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Gamecock Gateway students benefit from both the smaller academic environment at MTC and the large resources and opportunities found at South Carolina's flagship research university.
Participants assumed that anyone they competed against on Gamecock Auctions must share their affiliation with the University of South Carolina, and so must be like them," Naylor said.
The Gamecocks are still loaded on the defensive line, particularly at end, with senior Devin Taylor on one side and sophomore Jadeveon Clowney on the other.
However, the origins and ancestors of gamecock are still unclear even after some research on gamecock origins in Japan (Komiyama et al.
GameCock topper Mike Wilson later apologized, saying his roosters made a bad choice on when to charge the stage.
On the opposite side of the Company Raiborn flag the "matrons and lovely daughters" of the community had stitched two visual icons, the first a gamecock in the middle of the flag, and the second a wreath of oak leaves that surrounded the gamecock.
With a unified look-and-feel graphical interface, Gamecock provides a variety of survey and interactive steering tools for the user while doing most of the work automatically, thus combining efficiency and flexibility.
The parade on Friday is being put on at Gamecock Barracks, Bramcote, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, to mark the 50th anniversary of the cap-badging ceremony of The Queen's Gurkha Signals and the reformation of the 248 Gurkha Signal Squadron.
University of South Carolina (USC) daily student newspaper The Gamecock reported last week that the South Carolina Energy Office (SCEO) will provide USC's Vehicle Management and Parking Division with a $23,000 grant to support the construction of a new $32,900 ethanol fueling station on campus.
In December, 1999, Lou Holtz took the reigns of the South Carolina Gamecock football program that had just come off a 1-10 season.
According to Bill Sheehan, the Hackensack Riverkeeper, "In the high grounds of Laurel Hill, you can still hear gamecock and pheasants.
Gaff, say the lexicons, can mean a metal spur for a gamecock, a cheap theater or music hall, an ordeal, or a kind of topsail.
6) As you read this elegantly translated piece, keep in mind that Meng Chiao was the elder of the two and you will know why Han Yu opens with the couplet: "The larger gamecock proudly comes; / The smaller gamecock, frightened, waits.
The Gamecock nation has a strong tradition of supporting brave kids fighting cancer," said Grainne Owen, founder of Curing Kids Cancer.
Who will be the champion of the 2018 Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association (LGBA) 7-Cock Derby?