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Each Bloxels gameboard creates one room in your arena, but once you capture it you can clear it off to add another room.
The "stately manor" is evoked by the gameboard rooms: the Conservatory, the Ballroom, etc.
Evolutionary Evidence uses a "laboratory notebook" grid as a background, a sort of gameboard.
Her creative expression bid to increase awareness on Diabetes was a gameboard which she created to represent that "one can always maximize his or her benefit by playing right".
With that in mind, take a look at the Logitech G13 advanced gameboard - a hybrid gaming keyboard for total control on a Mac or PC.
Their topics include the cultural geography and linguistic development of America, the influence of the fight over federalism, the association of panorama pamphlets with manifest destiny, the maps of Chateaubriand and Balzac as delineators, the writing of William Emory about the US/Mexico border, the building of the American cemetery system and railroad into literary devices, land speculation and its maps in Melville, revisionist geographies of abolitionism and of the American slave, geographies of the self in nineteenth century women's travel writing, and the reduction of the world to the level of a gameboard by the media.
New identifications include one of a young Francesco Andreini and the Gelosi as gameboard figures.
The album has a great game element on the stickers, with a gatefold gameboard.
What has been more surprising than the lack of television is the way that despite clashes over Siberia and the Gulf of Mexico we have managed to avoid any real full-blown strife away from the gameboard.
The largest outdoor Monopoly game ever played used a gameboard 938 feet wide by 765 feet long.
This complication both expands and influences the options of the United States and China, and it means that Washington's next move will be significant on the larger geostrategic gameboard.
The gameboard has spaces for right-side-up discs and face-down discs.
And it's been a pleasure reading about it in former editor David Lewis' feature recapping the adventure, It starts on page 18, and I hope you'll follow the gameboard path to the story's end.
Give each group 2 beans (buttons or pennies) and tell them to take tunas tossing the 2 beans onto the gameboard.
But when politics is played on the world gameboard, the outcome is never clear.