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a person employed to take care of game and wildlife

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Game wardens say killing an alligator is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500.
It's even worse in California, where game wardens have the lowest ratio of officers to residents of any state.
This reduces cost, weight and consumables for operators like state game wardens that use infrared lighting on a nightly basis.
Remember, without game wardens protecting our wildlife, we wouldn't have any wildlife to hunt.
Game wardens attributed the injuries to a fight that it must have had with other elephants in the herd.
5 percent, and for more experienced officers, such as commanders, majors and game wardens, the turnover rate was 10.
State Fish and Game wardens cooked bacon over a camp stove in hopes that the promise of a treat would draw the cub out of hiding.
The Academy of Law and Government attracts students interested in becoming lawyers, legal secretaries, court reporters, police officers, game wardens, firefighters, postal workers, urban planners, forensic scientists, crime lab technicians, and many others.
The influence of Europeans, from Vasco de Gama to present day conservation bodies, and the more recent work of game wardens (Parker was himself a game warden in Kenya) to counter poaching are all included in this fascinating overview.
In December, Limpopo game wardens confiscated six lions from an illegal breeding project on a private game farm.
Brown prepared for game wardens, he tried to slowly back away, but the bear continued to approach, then stopped, then approached again.
The authors thank Claudia Stieger, Isabelle Tanner, Rita Bosshart, Gioia Schwarzenbach, Sasa Stefanic, and all other collaborators for help in the extensive field and laboratory work; Christian Stauffer and the game wardens of the city of Zurich for their generous collaboration; and Fabio Bontadina and Paul Torgerson for valuable comments on an earlier draft of the manuscript.
On two occasions, Nevada game wardens obtained state warrants to search Hicks' home, located on tribal land, for evidence of poaching that occurred on nontribal land.
It was a game Wardens never looked losing after Bedworth, for whom Heath Parnell made 43, were dismissed for 158.
Since the deaths many people on the Maliotenam reserve near Sept-Iles have argued that game wardens fought with the two men before throwing them into the water.