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a person employed to take care of game and wildlife

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1) A game warden told Mark Townsend to stop clearing brush from his land, saying he could be changing the course of an intermittent stream and harming habitat for protected species.
They also don't look like game wardens, according to senior warden Jim Beckwith, who organized this operation.
ARSONISTS yesterday targeted the car of a Larnaca game warden in the second such incident this week.
Last year he killed a game warden he thought was a poacher.
In this delightfully tongue-in-cheek effort, Bill Pullman is a game warden who reluctantly shows a nervous palaentologist (Bridget Fonda) around Lake Black, following the sighting of an enormous crocodile.
AN ENRAGED elephant gored a game warden to death in front of horrified British tourists.
The game warden had caught the man hunting illegally.
David Booth, Blair Drummond's chief game warden, said: "Already, the animals are clearly more relaxed.
Author Kirk Russell has launched a series of crime novels that feature fictional game warden John Marquez, a former DEA agent, who runs an undercover Special Operations Unit for the California Department of Fish and Game.
California Department of Fish and Game officials received a number of tips about the illegal shark on its hotline, and game warden Rebecca Hartman, who has a degree in marine biology, investigated.
That's a good sign," said Jeff Brown, Nowata County Game Warden.
Kelley ("Ally McBeal," "The Practice") and director Steve Miner ("Halloween: H2O"), a nature-phobic scientist (Bridget Fonda), a Fish & Game Warden (Bill Pullman), a sheriff (Brendan Gleeson), an eccentric mythology professor (Oliver Platt), and an irascible, foul-mouthed local woman (Betty White) converge near a remote lake in Maine to investigate a gruesome fatality.
The trial begins today of the game warden charged with the brutal killing ten years ago of British tourist Miss Julie Ward in a Kenyan wildlife reserve.
He was cleared of shooting dead a black game warden less than a year earlier - but angry Kenyans said he was only let off due to his family.
Last year, the 38-year-old toff shot dead a plainclothes game warden who he suspected of being a poacher on his vast estate.