game theory

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(economics) a theory of competition stated in terms of gains and losses among opposing players

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Each man now has two choices (referred to in game theory as "actions") which could result in any of three possible outcomes--either both will confess, neither will confess, or one man will confess and other man will not.
The significance of the first general proof of the minimax theorem shows that the mathematical origin of game theory is quite separate from economic thought.
In this paper, the business competition and cooperation mode is analyzed based on computer game theory model.
I've simplified how they work, but its also important to know that while probability analysis and game theory are intriguing, neither is foolproof and can lead to undesired results.
Before game theory was introduced, according to microeconomic theory the welfare of market participants was assumed not to be affected by the decisions and behavior of any other player.
In this article, we have followed a simple strategy to introduce readers to the concept of (i) CRNs, (ii) game theory, (iii) supermarket game theory and (iv) resource allocation in Multiuser Multi-Carrier CRNs (MMC-CRNs) using game and supermarket game theory.
Economic behavior, game theory, and technology in emerging markets.
Many studies are conducted on the application of game theory in medium access control.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The fourth World Congress of the Game Theory Society is being held in ystanbul's Bilgi University, witnessing the gathering of four Nobel laureates and many more economists as well as researchers in the field between the dates of July 22 and 26.
A strategic aspect to the society's evolution is introduced by the game theory (Fernandez, 2011, p.
The paper is, essentially, based on a static game theory managing the limits of classic finance theory to provide satisfactory explanations of different financial events.
In his most recent series, The Trap, Curtis wants to trace our entire conception of the self and the world back to the Cold War, more specifically to the development of game theory by John Nash.
Though the presentation is a bit uneven, and even downright grouchy at times, the material presented is worth careful study, and is considerably more accessible than his daunting two-volume Game Theory and the Social Contract (MIT Press, 1992/1994), of which this book serves as a sort of precis.
Von Neumann, Morgenstern, and the Creation of Game Theory.
All topics covered are core to the understanding of the negotiation process and include: Decision-making and judgment, formulating deals, emotion and negotiation, motivation and game theory.