game plan

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Synonyms for game plan

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

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(figurative) a carefully thought out strategy for achieving an objective in war or politics or business or personal affairs

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(sports) a plan for achieving an objective in some sport

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Just because Holly's planning for a wedding doesn't mean she's completely out of the picture when it comes to intrigue and danger, and as events unfold, the plot's precision in nailing down concurrent special interests makes for an involving read on many levels; not the least of which is in its unexpected changes (thus, The Game Plan Twisted).
If Gatland sticks to his "over the top" game plan, has Wales got the fit players or the cannon fodder needed to mount such an old war full frontal attack or does Gatland need a Plan B?
The Marathon Bar Offseason Game Plan recommends that people "embrace the cold" and not let it intimidate them from doing outdoor physical acthity.
We have a game plan we hope will work and help us cause an upset," said Hull's Great Britain international forward Lee Mitchell.
The purpose of the game plan is to offer maximum career opportunities by providing a centralized Web site for advertising open 0-6 (colonel) billets worldwide.
Lineen (below) lambasted his troops for ignoring his game plan and claimed they threw the match away by attempting impossible moves.
HE had the perfect game plan - but there was one little problem .
The visiting team after their glorious victory in the second Test started bragging, like Australians, about the game plan they had worked out to tackle the strong Indian team.
In The Game Plan, Johnson plays Joe Kingman, an American Football star who thinks he's got life sewn up with the ladies, the flat and all the hi-tech gadgets you can dream of.
We've just got to play a very smart game plan, and we've got the personnel to play and execute that game plan.
He does a great job of knowing the game plan is for the players and not for him,'' Kiffin said.
The rest is left up to the parents to work out; The Parenting Game Plan does not preach, but rather serves a tool for couples to chart the future.
And he's done it with a carefully planned and executed game plan that promotes the positive development of athletes and teams.
Wales legend Barry John has warned that Mike Ruddock's men have six days to perfect their game plan - or suffer a bashing from the Boks.
The guiding philosophy of the Great Game Plan is the belief that patients identified as pre-diabetic should be empowered to make the lifestyle changes needed to remain diabetes free.