game fowl

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any of several breeds reared for cockfighting

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But poultry breeders and an out-of-state expert said the bill was poorly drafted and would treat as criminals people who are raising game fowl for legitimate purposes, such as meat or feather production.
Kelly Peterson, a lobbyist for the Humane Society of the United States, said that undermines the game fowl industry's main argument in the past: that they have a legal right to raise fighting birds, so long as they don't actually fight in Oregon, where the practice is illegal.
The bill was decried by game fowl breeders and the Oregon Farm Bureau as an attack on the entire poultry industry.
They are the first new animals to arrive at the farm since the foot and mouth outbreak, and have been making friends with 27 Cotswold sheep, 20 English Longhorn cows, six Dorking hens, four Old English Game Fowl, four geese and two turkeys.
on bi-monthly treks to Guyana's dense interior in pursuit of game fowl, spotted wildcats, hogs, baboons & constrictor snakes to supply the Georgetown Zoo, pooh- poohs my demurral.
In response to the outbreak of Exotic Newcastle Disease in California, the state Department of Agriculture (WSDA) asks that shipments of game fowl from California or Mexico be reported to the state veterinarian's office at 360/902-1878 or the U.
Mead warns that game fowl tend to move within states and between states outside of the normal animal movement safeguards and without regard to animal health requirements.
The last California outbreak was in 1998, when a small flock of game fowl was apparently infected by a bird bought at a swap meet.