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any of several breeds reared for cockfighting

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After conducting an inventory of his game fowl, Abustan found that his cocks were missing.
Kelly Peterson, a lobbyist for the Humane Society of the United States, said that undermines the game fowl industry's main argument in the past: that they have a legal right to raise fighting birds, so long as they don't actually fight in Oregon, where the practice is illegal.
They are the first new animals to arrive at the farm since the foot and mouth outbreak, and have been making friends with 27 Cotswold sheep, 20 English Longhorn cows, six Dorking hens, four Old English Game Fowl, four geese and two turkeys.
on bi-monthly treks to Guyana's dense interior in pursuit of game fowl, spotted wildcats, hogs, baboons & constrictor snakes to supply the Georgetown Zoo, pooh- poohs my demurral.
In response to the outbreak of Exotic Newcastle Disease in California, the state Department of Agriculture (WSDA) asks that shipments of game fowl from California or Mexico be reported to the state veterinarian's office at 360/902-1878 or the U.
The last California outbreak was in 1998, when a small flock of game fowl was apparently infected by a bird bought at a swap meet.
23, government veterinarians, volunteers and soldiers culled 331,150 chickens, 32,850 ducks, 72,190 quails, 33,930 broilers (chickens grown for meat), 158 pigeons, 107 game fowl and 255 native chickens-for a total of 470,640.
The board also banned cockfights in the province for two weeks, on the endorsement of the local game fowl organization.
Bacolor Mayor Jomar Hizon, also president of the Kapampangan Game Fowl Breeders (KGBA), said a general assembly on Aug.
We did not divulge the problem right away because we wanted to make sure that no birds would be taken out of San Luis [by poultry farmers or game fowl owners],' Pinol said.
PFMC is a world-class manufacturer of quality animal feeds, including Excel Feeds, Amigo, Lechon for Swine, Poultry and Aquatic sector, IC+ and Iron Claw Game Fowl Feeds.
Just weeks after he was released, Leviste was accused of owning a game fowl farm in Lipa City which yielded P420 million worth of shabu.
The disease spread in all of La Union's 19 towns and San Fernando City, killing backyard chickens and game fowl.
The Tarlac Game Fowl Breeders Association reported losing 618 fighting cocks and several hundreds of ducks and pigeons to the disease.
Eric Perez, provincial veterinarian, said sporadic NDV cases had been reported in Pangasinan in the past week, especially among game fowl raisers.