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any bird (as grouse or pheasant) that is hunted for sport

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Art entries in the Upland Game Bird division must feature the California quail, shown in its natural habitat.
Game birds are, in some cases, intensively farmed and transported to the countryside.
95 each Kilner jar of chicken liver pate, toasted brioche, raisin puree Rich tomato soup, fromage fraise, pesto, aged balsamic, homemade bread Butter roasted pave of organic salmon, crushed tartar potatoes, leeks, sorrel butter sauce Pot roast game bird casserole, wild mushrooms, thick cut bacon, smoked potato Drinks 2 pints of Mahou PS8.
Migratory game bird hunters, including those afield for doves and woodcock, are required to obtain and carry a Pennsylvania migratory game bird license ($3.
UP TO 20,000 hunters will take to the fields for the opening of the turtledove, woodpigeon and quail shooting season today, which is set to be the island's largest to date thanks to increasing game bird population and the second highest number of licences ever issued.
RELIEF FOR REARERS THE multi-million pound game bird sector in Wales has welcomed a new welfare code of practice.
Although felt soles are popular with anglers for safety reasons (prevents slipping), they are difficult to clean and can carry pests such as didymo, a type of fresh water algae, from one waterway to another, according to Fish and Game New Zealand, an angler and game bird hunter organisation.
Dear Editor, Game bird meat is the only food that is promoted by blood sports organizations.
Host Jonathan Wood, a licensed master falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, raptor propagator, and game bird breeder, will share his fascination with birds.
Adding an upland game-bird stamp is important to aid the Game Bird Heritage, Wildlife Outreach Programs and Hunter Education administered by the California Department of Fish and Game.
In Holding Ground: Game Birds, Gun Dogs, Friends, And The Land In Between, Sam draws upon his years of experience and expertise to write twenty-three stories and poems about game bird hunting ranging from his youth hunting the valleys of eastern New Hampshire to his current abode in Washington's Cascade Range.
Across the country there are about half a dozen small game bird operations, however, of these Bell's is only one of a couple operations, which also breed, hatch, grow and process the birds all on the same property.
JUST as we seem set to lose our biggest game bird, the Capercaillie, originally introduced from Scandinavia, flocks of new visitors from Scandinavia, Bean Geese, are settling in their thousands on wetlands near Falkirk.
Interests: Big game hunting (rifle and archery), upland and migratory game bird hunting, versatile hunting dog training, squash, sailing, cross-country and downhill skiing; motorcycle/ATV riding, skin-diving, canoeing, fishing, hiking.
HONOLULU -- Getting a hunting license or game bird stamp in Hawaii just got easier, thanks to a new service now available at www.