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any bird (as grouse or pheasant) that is hunted for sport

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Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge: Expand migratory game bird hunting, upland game and big game hunting.
Asked about the spiralling numbers of killed birds each year, Game Fund director Pantelis Hadjiyerou said that game bird populations had been rising year on year, and so this was not a conservation issue.
Many techniques have been described for monitoring upland game bird populations, including walked line transect surveys (Guthery 1988), aerial line transect surveys (Shupe et al.
A consortium of breeding and shooting interests said the code dispelled fears over the future viability of game bird rearing.
In the age of the Internet, the Guinness book's original purpose is an anachronism; one Google search tells us that the fastest European game bird is the wood pigeon.
The money earned for shooting grouse and other game birds to supply consumers in towns and cities is used to help conserve the moorland, and with it the other wildlife that depends upon this habitat.
What he really intends with others in the shooting industry is to create a smokescreen for the cruelty of game bird shooting and the disgraceful factory farming methods producing live quarry for 1sportsmen .
This book makes you think that someday, just maybe, you might want to try hunting one of the "other" upland game birds.
Scott Dibble, would have reclassified the popular game bird as a song bird, protecting them from hunting.
Adding an upland game-bird stamp is important to aid the Game Bird Heritage, Wildlife Outreach Programs and Hunter Education administered by the California Department of Fish and Game.
In Holding Ground: Game Birds, Gun Dogs, Friends, And The Land In Between, Sam draws upon his years of experience and expertise to write twenty-three stories and poems about game bird hunting ranging from his youth hunting the valleys of eastern New Hampshire to his current abode in Washington's Cascade Range.
Across the country there are about half a dozen small game bird operations, however, of these Bell's is only one of a couple operations, which also breed, hatch, grow and process the birds all on the same property.
HONOLULU -- Getting a hunting license or game bird stamp in Hawaii just got easier, thanks to a new service now available at www.