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a gable roof with two slopes on each side and the lower slope being steeper

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Caption: If you have the resources, hang your deer by the back legs with a gambrel and pulley system to aid in the skinning process.
A) Historically, the gambrel roof was a practical and inexpensive way to add functional space to a second story of a barn.
slit between the bones in her back legs to hold the gambrel.
Ben Gambrel, vice president and general manager of Bindicator, said, "The Roto PRO is unlike any other paddlewheel available today.
She'd lost the fish hut in the divorce, but the gambrel roofline was distinctive.
The three-bay barn featured a gambrel roof (instead of the common gable roof) for increased hay storage on the upper level.
Crimmins and his wife, Helen of Richmond, VA; his daughter, Kathleen Crimmins and her partner, Georgia Gambrel of Port St.
The gambrel holding the pig was made by a regular contributor to Catholic Insight, Steve Mason.
We chose a gambrel roof, which yielded more upstairs living space than a steeply-pitched roof.
Everything about the place bespeaks its age, from the weathered, brick-red Dutch Gambrel barn to the simple farmhouse that Becker's grandfather built in the 1930s.
Tanto Rosa Chacel como Angeles Santos, asi como el resto de las escritoras, poetas y artistas contemporaneas a ellas, fueron, segun la denominacion de Alice Gambrel, unas "insider-outsider" en relacion a la vanguardia masculina de la epoca (34-35).
A multi-faceted approach describes the voice, function, and beauty of each tree or family of trees chosen to represent North American trees of the west Twelve sections in four chapters present the Coastal Redwood, Pacific Madrone, Old Growth Forest, California Sycamore, Mexican Elder, California Bay Laurel, Incense Cedar, Mountain Mahogany, Sequoia, Quaking Aspen, Bristlecone Pine, and Gambrel Oak/ Western Serviceberry tree groups.
Gambrel earned his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from Nova Southeastern University.
The prevalence rate of UI has been estimated to be between 45% and 70% for residents in long-term care settings (DuBeau, Simon, & Morris, 2006; Lekan-Rutledge, 2004; McCliment, 2002; Newman, Gaines, & Snare, 2005; Palmer, 2008; Sparks, Boyer, Gambrel, & Lovett, 2004; Yn, Kaltreider, Hu, Igou, & Craighead, 1989).