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a gable roof with two slopes on each side and the lower slope being steeper

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Between the wooden studs of the gambrel ceiling, we applied foil-covered foam boards to allow an air gap for hot summer air to escape up to the roof ridge vent.
The townhouse, a historic landmark renovated by architect and interior designer Steven Gambrel and featured in a 12-page spread in Elle Decor, was altered by the tenant without consent, according to the owner, Astor Street Partners, LLC.
Deer were skinned on a gambrel without fanfare, without a congratulatory handshake.
Authentic Small Houses of the Twenties: Illustrations and Floor Plans of 254 Characteristic Homes (replica edition of a 1929 Harper and Brothers publication) (New York: Dover Publications, 1987) Of 215 distinct houses illustrated in the latter, 16 are "Dutch Colonial" with gambrel roofs, 84 are "Colonial," 35 are "Spanish," 49 "English," 8 "French" or "Norman," 13 "Italian" or "Mediterranean," and 25 eclectic/unidentifiable.
01 acres, which includes Gambrel roof barn, a 192-square-foot shed and 96 feet of Wenatchee River waterfront.
Brothers Paul Hands, 28, of Holebottom and Andrew Hands, 25, of Atlas Street, and Stephen Hinchcliffe, 25, of Gambrel Bank Road, all of Ashton-Under-Lyne, were each sentenced to four years in prison for admitting burglary and assault.
The setting sun was tucked behind their sloping gambrel roof.
Availability was suffering at Sainsbury's Gambrel Road, Northampton branch.
Caption(s): Mayer Rus, House & Garden / Pamela Fiori of Town & Country / Designer Temo Callahan / Ori Ben-Dor, left, and Alexa Stevenson of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens / Designer Randy Kemper / Designer Steven Gambrel / Naz Tesfit of Agostino / Designer Thomas Burak
Among the contributors were Louis Aubert of New Orleans; Boston's husband and wife duo, Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz; Darryl Carter of Washington, DC; Birch Coffey, who is located in Lakeville, CT; and New Yorkbased Jamie Drake, Steven Gambrel, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, Miles Redd and Vicente Wolf.
The award was presented at a special ceremony conducted by AACCLA president William Gambrel in Washington, D.
Debbie Gambrel, a customer service team leader at Ford Motor Credit company in Colorado Springs, has also been successful at motivating several of her co-workers to help in her effort.
Above the doors, a custom window emphasizes the form of the shed's gambrel roof.
One of the most common housing types found at Lindenlea was the front gambrel roof type.