gambling hell

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a public building in which a variety of games of chance can be played (operated as a business)

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A gambling hell next door to the local pork butcher?
Well Maldwyn himself was a sort of perambulating Gambling Hell, his uniform an ankle-length coat complete with assorted poacher's pockets, the toes of his brown suede shoes weathered to a burnished black.
Now the lotto is looking more like a tawdry money spinning machine straight out of a Las Vegas gambling hell.
The gambling hell of SPL star Kevin Twaddle has caused other footballers to seek help.
It's an amazing cash bonanza for a star who in the past 18 months has fought his way back from a drink, drugs and gambling hell.
So no wonder the most fervent anti-gamblers will give you even money we're all going to Gambling Hell in a handcart.
A football boss last night told about his secret gambling hell.
STAN BOWLES fears fallen ex-England star Paul Merson will never recover from his gambling hell.