gambling den

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a public building in which a variety of games of chance can be played (operated as a business)

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The main defendant, a housewife aged 43, admitted to the charge of running her rented flat as a gambling den.
A police lieutenant testified to prosecutors that police raided the businessman's villa in The Springs following an informant's tipoff that he had been running it as a gambling den.
Or you can disappear through a secret door into a gambling den and a world of backstreet bookmaking and raucous piano singalongs, where the food is traditional pie and mash.
The gambling den was built a month ago and was covered with tight security including six bouncers.
Local police probers were still investigating the incident, which happened at the residence of a certain Isagani Pasion which reportedly doubles as a gambling den along Quirino Street at Kabacan town proper.
The four defendants - two Emiratis, an Uzbek and a Bangladeshi - were charged with running a gambling den and were each sentenced to one year in prison, while 12 other defendants of different nationalities were charged with gambling and sentenced to three months.
Summary: KARACHI (Cihan) - Unidentified attackers lobbed a grenade at a gambling den in the Pakistan's southern city, Karachi, on Friday (May 06).
At least 15 people have died in an explosion in an illegal gambling den in Karachi, Pakistan, according to reports.
India has become a big bookie centre and the IPL especially is a gambling den.
Her hearing is so sen-sitive that when she's in a gambling den she can tell, just from the sound of the dice, whether to call odds or evens.
It's time we put an end to these selfish fools who run world economies like a gambling den.
You see, it transpired that once the consulate's daily business was done, the building doubled as an illegal gambling den from dusk until dawn.
Many decided that the stock market was a risky gambling den to be avoided, and stayed out of the market for years, if they returned at all.
This time the gang in Poindexter's ideology lab carne up with a program clinically cold-blooded in its strategic goals and merely morally repulsive in all other respects: PAM would have organized speculators with extra capital not already gainfully invested in oil, defense, or Third World apparel production into a gambling den focused on Middle Eastern events: assassinations, political upheavals, military turnabouts--you get the idea.
The two suspected gang bosses, both in their 30s and also accused of running an illegal gambling den, were being held by police today.