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a public building in which a variety of games of chance can be played (operated as a business)

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Fifteen people were killed in the massive explosion that tore through the Rummy Club, one of the largest gambling dens in Pakistan, located in Ghas Mandi neighbourhood of the Old City area.
As some of the arrested persons hail from Nepal, we are suspecting that the operation of the gambling den was probably similar to Nepalese casinos," ACP ( East) Ramesh Pal Singh said.
According to the arraignment sheet of the Public Prosecution, the defendant, a 37-year-old Filipino, ran a gambling den in his apartment in Karama where people used to come to play cards for money.
Scores of people were present at the gambling den when the grenade was hurled.
The attack appears to be linked to the turf war that has been going on for some time and was also alleged to be a gambling den," a correspondent for<em> Al Jazeera </em>said.
The group will also be taken into the Tower of the Winds, which was once a gambling den and meeting place for secret societies.
You see, it transpired that once the consulate's daily business was done, the building doubled as an illegal gambling den from dusk until dawn.
Of them, 23 were charged in the Subordinate Court with operating an illegal gambling den.
Many decided that the stock market was a risky gambling den to be avoided, and stayed out of the market for years, if they returned at all.
This time the gang in Poindexter's ideology lab carne up with a program clinically cold-blooded in its strategic goals and merely morally repulsive in all other respects: PAM would have organized speculators with extra capital not already gainfully invested in oil, defense, or Third World apparel production into a gambling den focused on Middle Eastern events: assassinations, political upheavals, military turnabouts--you get the idea.
The gargantuan Atlantic City Conference Center, completed in the mid '90s, is an attempt to rebrand the city as a serious business centre as opposed to a seaside gambling den.
Loaded with Winnipeg references (garlic sausage, hockey and the old Tribune newspaper), the film is set in an illegal gambling den run out of a perogie warehouse in the city's north end.
The gambling den in the famous movie The Shanghai Gesture was based on the art director's idea of what hell would look like, and the casino follows in this tradition.
The officer said residents alleged the games hall, located near a mosque, was a gambling den.
James' Street, Piccadilly, was built in 1827 for William Crockford, who promptly turned it into "Crockford's temple of chance" - an infamous Regency gambling den.