gambling casino

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a public building for gambling and entertainment

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Come on, gambling casinos, change your rules and maybe my son, who's a croupier, will come back home.
X) a casino, gambling casino, or gaming establishment with an annual gaming revenue of more than $1,000,000
Halfway through the 8-year project, a gambling casino that had opened on the reservation started sharing profits with tribal members.
There were plenty of raised eyebrows and politely hushed mutterings among Sarasota's cultural and social elites--remarkably similar here--when Time magazine named two of our most prominent as developers of a new Native American gambling casino just outside Sacramento, California.
The more subtle targets such as Archer's fatuous writing style ("I went to a gambling casino.
Synopsis: Everyone comes to Rick's--Rick Shaw's Macao Surf and Turf Nightclub Gambling Casino, that is.
Built as a gambling casino in 1891 and later transformed into a grand resort in 1918, The Broadmoor continues to shine as one of the world's premier meeting and vacation resorts.
I am of course talking about the Rama Reserve, and its brand spanking new gambling casino.
It is therefore a useless (and expensive) exercise that always favors, to use a gambling casino analogy, "the house.
The project will cover over 57,400 square meters and will consist of a multi-level 17 floor structure: a two level underground parking facility; a gambling Casino (to be operated by IVISA, an Argentinean hotel and gaming management company with 45 years of experience, and a supermarket (Lider), both to be located on the first floor of the facility; a three level shopping center with two confirmed anchor tenants (Paris and La Polar) and an eleven floor hotel which will also managed by IVISA.
Finally, and this the most significant thing I noted: Nowhere, except the very fine print, do info bytes mention that this is a large gambling casino, perhaps too large for a small city like Leominster to handle.
Wall Street will surely keep pushing to weaken reform, but congressional leaders must fight just as hard to put an end to banking and finance acting as a gambling casino.
Empresas Santana has begun construction of the US$14 million Four Points by Sheraton At Caguas Real gambling casino with more than 525 slot machines, tables, bars and meeting facilities, reports El Vocero (Sept.
Plans to include a gambling casino in the development in Liverpool city centre's Renshaw Street have been dropped after protests.
Peck is now working on Jackpot, about an Indian gambling casino.